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Mark S Britton

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Thank you for visiting my Avvo Profile!  Avvo’s mission is to get consumers more information and better guidance regarding their legal issues.  And we’ve found that an important byproduct of this is that we get great lawyers massive amounts of new business.  It is truly a win-win for everyone involved.

Through this profile, I have received many eloquent and thoughtful emails from those Avvo has helped, both consumers and lawyers alike.  Please keep those emails coming.  I share them with the team and it makes all of the hard work worthwhile.  I’ve also received a flame mail or two, and I encourage you to keep those coming as well.  As long as it’s in the name of constructive feedback, I’m happy to listen and possibly even start a dialogue.

Considering that I haven’t really practiced law in the last decade, some have wondered (even publicly) why I have an Avvo Profile or an Avvo Rating.  It’s very simple:  Avvo profiles and rates every licensed attorney it can find, and I’m one of them.  If I were to walk into our research team and ask not to be profiled or rated, they would say “too bad!” – as they should.  I hope this puts some of the conspiracy theories to rest. ;-)

Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you.  You can see more of my musings on the Lawyernomics blog or in one of our upcoming webinars.  Also, don’t forget our annual Lawyernomics conference in Las Vegas where some of the brightest business minds come to teach lawyers how to be better marketers, business developers and, most importantly, listeners.







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