Diana Marie Dearmin

Diana Marie Dearmin

About Me 

As a civil trial lawyer, I represent corporate, public  and  individual clients in a broad range of matters, including cases involving complex business disputes, fraud, and personal injury. I also serve as an arbitrator and mediator.  Before joining Dearmin Fogarty PLLC, I was a Lead Attorney at the Safeco Seattle Legal Department where I was staff counsel from 2001–2008. At Safeco, I defended a wide variety of claims, including wrongful death, professional negligence, products liability, admiralty, underinsured/uninsured motorist claims and cases where a reservation of rights had been issued to the client by its insurance company.  I have also practiced as a commercial litigator with Riddell Williams and Williams Kastner. 


With my broad range of experience, I am able to quickly analyze the matter at hand and work with our client to develop and implement an effective litgation strategy, regardless of the size of the matter. I am dedicated to zealously advocating on behalf of our clients, while striving to to treat the courts, its staff, opposing counsel and their staff respectfully and professionally.


I enjoy cooking, eating, entertaining, travel, photography, reading, hiking, and, last, but not least, hanging with our two pooches.

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