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Shawn Mccully

About Shawn Mccully

About me

I'm a 39 year old father of one living in the Bellevue area.  I married my college sweetheart and she stuck with me through law school.  When not in the courtroom, I enjoy the outdoors, often fishing and photographing nature.  I'm usually in the courtroom or on the side of a mountain somewhere. Check out some of my photography at


I vary my practice between criminal defense and personal injury, believing that they mutually benefit each other.  One of my passions is trial work and being in a courtroom.  This is one of the reasons I love criminal defense work as it keeps me in the courtroom and out of an office.  Court and trial experience makes me a better personal injury lawyer.  I have found that many civil lawyers are "scared" of the courtroom and often you can get a better outcome on your civil case by pushing it toward a courtroom.


i have worked as a private and public defense attorney during my career.  While I started my career and love representing private clients, public defense has been a very satisfying part of my career.  Helping those that are indigent and giving them a lawyer experience they would normally have to pay thousands of dollars for is particularly rewarding.  I'm a firm believer that some of the best lawyers I know are public defense lawyers.  You are able to gain valuable trial experience making you an effective advocate for private clients.  


I have handled nearly every type of criminal charge out there from Attempted Murder, sex crimes, Vehicular Homicide/Assault, VUCSA, Domestic Violence, DUI/Physical Control, and misdemeanor law.  I have extensive experience in the court helping me wade my clients through the system in the most beneficial way for them.


I started my career in personal injury and have maintained a case load during my career.  I find it challenging work helping those that have been injured at the hand of another in a negligent manner.  My court experience gives me a leg up on the competition when it comes to personal injury.  Often, taking a case to the steps of the courthouse gets my clients the best results and covers the true cost of their injuries and loss.


If you are in the need, please contact me about your case.  if you trust me to advocate on your behalf, I'll promise to do the best I can to protect you and your interests.  Thanks! 

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