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Donna Depaola’s client reviews

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Review Donna Depaola
  • Horrible!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Melissa

    I would NEVER hire this attorney again! Unless you want to pay for her to leak out all your personal information and ruin your whole entire case to your spouses attorney, do NOT hire her!! I do not know how she is still in business.

  • Negative outcomes, not in best interest of our kids or family

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    This lawyer encouraged formal legal proceedings on matters spanning parenting plan, support alterations, and decision making rather than assisting in finding common ground that would be in the best interest of my kids. Now the result is significantly damaged trust and cooperation with ex-spouse, tension for kids, and a large amount of money and time thrown away on legal fees and court. The specific outcomes of the legal issues have ended up being hard to manage in real life - I think a good family attorney should be supportive of their client, but help them get past the immediate emotion to encourage cooperative middle-ground that will be better overall. Other lawyers have done this, but Donna drove the negative emotion into legal proceedings that have negative impacts to all of us for the long term.

  • Totally cheated me and now my child is in danger from abduction from his father

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    i was referred to this lawyer by the KCBA Referral service for low income clients. i guess that sums up most of it. she started off by consultation, taking the retainer and then talking to my now ex-husband. then telling me how much of a "twit" he is and how he was in for a run down of finding out he is digging a deep hole for himself. and over the past 3 months of having her on my case, she would talk bad about my ex-husband.
    Final outcome in court a week ago.... the father of my child who has threathened to abduct the child, been violating the DVPO, and only cares about how much money he does NOT have to pay for child support is now getting UNSUPERVISED visitations and the DV Protection order has been dropped!!!! i obtained the protection order without her in 2009 and it was renewed in 2010 with further restrictions... for 2 years along with the visitations supervised for almost 2 years, so the fact that somehow the judge was not "convinced" just a week ago that i am a victim of DV, and that my child is not in any danger .... proves she went wrong somewhere!! then she is trying to convince me that the father will not abduct the child... hmmmm... "so who's side are you on lady?" also telling me to "get out of her office" when i went to pick up my files and papers just because i made a comment to her saying, "why would take his side all of a sudden? is it because he is going to pay your fees and you helped him win this case?"

    Please save your children first.... DO NOT Risk their lives and deal with battling and causing more pain to yourself and your children by hiring this so-called attorney!!! Please save your children from abduction and potential harm!

  • Client Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    The only thing she did right was bill me for every minute. She was always late,she missed one of my court dates completly.Did not inform me on what options I needed to understand,Did'nt file proper paper work.Though she will tell you how great of a lawyer she is.Funny thing, she left to prctice law in Washington,I wonder why?