I was referred to Kathy to handle my divorce by a friend who worked in the same office. At first I was just looking for guidance on the mechanics of handling the divorce myself, which Kathy was able to provide. Note, having gone through the process and gained some knowledge, I would never try to do it again on my own.

When I hit a brick wall handling the divorce on my own, I had Kathy go ahead and fully represent me. Once she started the process, Kathy was very diligent about keeping me copied on all communications and the status of the divorce. Very few in office visits were required, and when they were, she was extremely accommodating and never kept me waiting.

I mention in the title that any rating less than excellent would be nitpicking and it is true. I have absolutely no complaints about the work done, or the time taken. If ever I need similar services again or if I had to make a recommendation to a friend, she would be at the top of the list. I also was able to get some insight into my ex's interaction with her attorney, and it seems she had a much different experience. My ex and I had also tried to use a collaborative divorce attorney without much luck. I only mention those two items because the nature of my case would imply I don't have a lot of experience with other attorneys.

So, quick summary...
Don't try the collaborative divorce (IMHO you are paying for therapy).
Don't try to do it on your own (you are turning a 6-12 month process into a multi-year nightmare).
If you want a recommendation, mine would be engage Ms. Chrostowska.