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Brian Michael Sullivan

Brian Sullivan’s client reviews

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  • Excellent experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher

    Besides getting an excellent outcome for my case, Brian and his team were exceedingly courteous and helpful every time I needed advice on what came next. Brian seemed relaxed about the payment terms, and throughout the process did a great job of putting me at ease. Overall, I would venture to say that my experience with Brian was of the highest order... ideally I won't have a need to hire him again, but I'd call him in a heartbeat if I did. Thanks, Brian!

  • Best there is.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    Brian Sullivan leaves no stone unturned, his attention to details down to every minute is unparalleld compared to other attorneys that I encountered. After having a third alcohol related case thrown back into my life, all I wanted was to deal with it to the best extent possible and move on with my life. My career as a CDL driver was at risk and Brian Sullivan is the lawyer that made it possible to keep my license and career.
    Brian extensively reviewed every last bit of evidence in my case and reviewed everything with me and truly did whatever was possible to get a result that was favorable for my situation. I had two previous cases from over 14 years ago from my foolish early twenties that were going to make this case very difficult. Having blown a .16 along with a 911 witness call, this case was going to be quite difficult to be able to keep my license and my career. Through Brian’s unparalleled legal expertise in these kinds of cases I was able to have what seemed to be an open-and-shut DUI conviction pled down to a non-driving violation of Reckless Endangerment, allowing me to continue to work.
    Brian is truly a miracle worker. For example, he subpeoned both police officers to the DOL hearing. Brian had previously cross examined these officers in court before and the officers knew that he was an aggressive attorney that would incorpate any and all errors that the officers had made. His reputation of being extremely thorough and aggressive worked in our favor as both police officers failed to even appear for this hearing which in turn got this portion of my case dismissed and ruled in my favor.
    I had previously dealt with attorneys that just saw me as “another number” in the system and they wanted to just make their money off of me with minimal work. Brian Sullivan on numerous occasions would change his schedule and prioritize items that were urgent in my case. Brian’s staff, especiall Mr. John Hitt, were phenominal and so caring about my case. I did not end up leaving endless messages on answering machines or waiting days for return phone calls. They take care of you and your questions immediately, which I have from experience know that this is an extremely rare attribute.
    If there is absolutely any possible problem with the prosecutors case, I guarantee you that Brian will find it. Due to Brian’s extreme attention to detail, he was able to find numerous problems with the case. Brian is just so mastered in DUI cases that he was able to find problems with the initial reason for the stop and the fact that I was not given roadside tests. What seemed to be hopeless was quite the opposite in fact, and because of Brian's prowess, I'm able to move on from this with the absolute minimum repercussions possible in my given situation.
    He's not just a normal DUI lawyer, he's truly the best in Everett. After his courteousness and willingness to openly discuss any and all aspects of the situation, I knew that Brian had my back. He laid to rest all of my questions and fears along each step of the process while explaining each part in the most understanding way. Although I may never personally require Brian's services again, I know that there is no other lawyer that I would place my full faith in as much as Brian Sullivan.

  • Just an initial consult so far

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Consulted attorney

    Seems to really know his stuff. Professional and you know he's handled cases like these hundreds of times. Seems to know the prosecutors and the deputies as well. Every little bit helps.

    While I've just secured him for the initial arraignment, I'm very happy so far with his attitude and approach.

  • Just get Brian, no brainer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Fred

    Brian and his staff are first class. He tells you how it is and gets it done. Very experienced and easy to work with. He had my DUI arrest reduced to Reckless Driving even though I was going 92 in 45 zone and my BAC was well over legal limit. He also had an assault charge dismissed against me. If you need an attorney, Brian is a great choice.

  • Brian is awesome!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Madaline

    I am so glad I got referred to Brian because he literally was the best thing that ever happened to me! Got my whole case dismissed because he knew his facts and was aggressive in court. Such an awesome experience seeing him question and work up there. Him and his firm were really great to me and they were always welcoming and kept me updated on my court dates. He told me everything straight up and weighed out all of my options with me. He worked with my budget and was awesome through the whole experience. I was blessed and given a second chance and there's no way I could have done it without Brian!! Thank you so much!!!!!!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Momodou

    My experience with Sullivan representing me for a domestic violence case I had was phenomenal. I was represented with integrity, respect and professionalism. Brian is an attorney I would recommend for anybody out there that needs an attorney. He is young, motivated and ready to make sure that his clients are satisfied. I was was charged with assault 4 and as we all know that Washington state is the worst state to catch a DV case, but Brain and his team worked hard to see to it that justice was served and I was able to get a DISMISSAL!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    I had Mr. Brian Sullivan as my lawyer for domestic violence DV-4. I been accused for something didn`t do so I called his office so shortly he called me back and he gave me his advice and consultation with no obligations. I went to his office and we discussed my case. He was Honest, very organized, professional and excellent at what he does.
    He talked to me about what happen and why I was facing Washington State DV. He explained my situation and analyzed any potential issues that may make it difficult to the prosecutor to move on with the DV case.
    Mr. Brian provided me with a game plan in a form of list needed to be done such as getting the Police report and witness for review.
    He was fast and ready for the court dates; I was amazed of how he carried himself in the court room. He got the dismissal for my case and that because he cared and know how to handle cases like mine.
    If you need a lawyer for domestic violent case in Washington State he is the one with no doubt.
    Thank you so much Mr .Brian

  • Five Star Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by PEDRO

    Mr. Sullivan is a dedicated Attorney who fights aggressively on your case, along with a well prepared and organized support team. My experience with an automobile accident case is very satisfying and Mr. Sullivan was able to get me a great compensatory award and clearing my entire medical expenses bill.
    My compensation for the pain and suffering was bigger than I expected and Brian is a compassionated Attorney who helped me to reduce most of my medical fees so I was able to get the most out my case.

    From my initial visit until the last day of my claim Mr. Sullivan and his staff were always there for me guiding me and providing support after my auto accident.

    Mr. Sullivan treats you with dignity and respect and above all with honesty.

    Will recommend this Lawyer anytime !

  • He works for his client.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by R.M.B.

    I was charged with 4th degree domestic violence. Brian listen to my side of the story, read the what the police report and ultimately got the case dismissed. He is very military friendly and would recommend him to anyone in the same situation.

  • Brian and his team ROCK!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by margaret N

    i was arrested for driving with a suspended license and without an interlock, my case was hard because it involved losing my driver's license again, Brian, Jason, Angela, and especially Mary worked really hard by communicating with the courts and driver's license's and getting a recommendation letter so it would not be revoked.