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Jerry A Stimmel

Jerry Stimmel’s client reviews

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  • Extremely helpful and gave me much-needed truth and piece of mind!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julie

    I spoke directly with Mr. Stimmel regarding the extreme loss our family suffered and he was very sincere and helpful. Without any agenda whatsoever he spent over an hour with me and informed me of our rights, obligations, and legal routes. I believe he gave me his honest opinion, and during this difficult time it is refreshing!
    Thank you Mr. Stimmel,

  • Beyond expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    I will call Jerry Stimmel again if I ever have a problem with a tenant. I couldn’t have asked for better support.

    Mr. Stimmel guided me and my family every step of the way through my first difficult Landlord-Tenant situation. Even though I had already sworn off my former “momlord” approach to managing a rental, due to minor problems that arose, Jerry’s advice made it possible by advising me through managing a problem quickly, with knowledge and patience.

    I had a rental house that I had managed, loosely, for 12 years. I had good tenants. In a house that had been my home previously for many years, I rented to a family, then several housemates for 8 years. Sometimes they would leave too much trash around, and pay rent late, they’d ask for deals, which we made, amiably. Good people, all. Not good business, really, but good life. I had only heard about nightmare tenants. Squatters, the suit happy, vandals, the violent or destructive. But none for me, fortunately.

    Then, I got my first nightmare tenant. First communication, one week into tenancy, was a threat of a lawsuit, because we had a “verbal agreement” for a different situation and price. No, actually, we didn’t. We had discussed, through a property manager, a different arrangement, with one exchange, but we didn’t come to an agreement. The tenant signed a lease for the original offer, with “no verbal agreements” beyond the lease, a standard clause. That first email claimed otherwise and threatened suit. Many other emails, threats, and pestering of other tenants followed, with an event of one kind or another every day. Other tenants considered leaving if she didn't. She blocked other potential tenants from seeing the last available room, by greeting them in the driveway with hostility and erroneous claims.

    This attorney educated me through the basics of when and how to deliver 3-day and 10-day notices; through what not to say and when to simply say nothing. Each exchange with him included thoughtful, thorough commentary on the situation with recommendations well–founded in state statutes, common sense, and wisdom. Sometimes email answers arrived in the middle of the night, when he had time off from his days in court.

    Mr. Stimmel made a visit to the property in question, after the tenant gave notice that she was moving out along with another notice that a lawsuit would be filed. Because she had called the police three times that we know of, resulting in nothing except a scolding *for her* from the officer, my family anticipated the possibility of mischief, minor vandalism, hostility toward other tenants again, or something unexpected. Jerry provided presence, talked to other tenants, and monitored the situation. The hostile tenant had already established that she would harass other tenants and potential tenants, let her unattended barking dog run loose, threaten lawsuits, and last, fill a lock in the house with glue.

    I highly recommend Jerry Stimmel for Landlord-Tenant relations. If I ever have another situation, I’ll use what I learned and beyond that, Mr. Stimmel will be the first person I will call.

  • He listens, then gets results!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by david

    Mr. Stimmel actually listened to my side of the story, worked hard with me, my family and witnesses, and was able to get the prosecutors to see what really happened! A horrific felony became a misdemeanor with NO jail time! I've learned my lesson, but when I send my friends to Mr. Stimmel, I hear equally glowing reports!

  • Highly Recommend Mr Jerry Stimmel

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I would highly recommend Mr. Stimmel - I called him on a holiday deep in worry over a client who had been the victim of a false arrest.

    Mr. Stimmel was kind, available and responsive; he listened to all the details of her situation and offered a great depth of knowledge and strength. He performed some research and headed up to Snohomish County Jail where my frightened client was being held. Thanks to his appearance she was released without charges and she has now recovered from her horrific experience.

    If it wasn't for his kind and compassionate assistance things could have gone in a different direction and we are forever grateful for his willingness to help a stranger in a very rough circumstance.

  • Excellent Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    Jerry has done an excellent job of representing me as a tenant in two landlord-tenant cases. In both cases, corrupt property managers illegally attempted to evict me in retaliation for my complaints about their illegal behavior. In each case Jerry's superb knowledge of the law - and how the legal process works - along with his extensive experience and communication skills won the day for me. I also appreciated Jerry's patience with an overly zealous client (me) and his willingness to explain the risks and probable outcomes of various options. Jerry took a genuine interest in me and my case and that was most reassuring. His fees were also quite reasonable. I highly recommend Jerry and I plan to work with him in the future if a need arises. Jerry's focus is now on criminal trial law, but I wouldn't hesitate to call him about a variety of legal issues.