I was in a one car accident in early December – I took a wrong turned, overcorrected and ended up going up an embankment and flipping my truck. The WA State Patrol responded, I was transported to the hospital and subsequently arrested for DUI because, while on a backboard being wheeled into the ER the trooper as me if I would take a blow test and I said "not right now"... I was on a stretcher and could barely breathe! Apparently, if you refuse to blow no matter the circumstances you are arrested AND you automatically lose your license for a year! For the sake of argument, I blew a the blood tests showed .8.

Enter Keith Hall at Jim Newton Law who I hired to represent me a few weeks. We entered a plea of not guilty and he worked with the prosecutor to have the charges “reduced” to reckless driving. Because I did refuse to blow, the DOL is still mandating that I have an ignition interlock device in my car for a year – AND I have to pay for high risk insurance which I couldn’t get through the carrier I had been with for two decades. This is DOL and it's mandatory because I didn't blow while on the stretcher! Bottom line, if you are asked to blow - just do it! Not blowing is the only way your license can be suspended automatically. Had I said yes, the results could have saved me a lot of money!

I was initially wanting to represent myself but was strongly encouraged to hire an attorney and am thankful I did. Keith did a great job representing me. I recommend Jim Newton Law if you're charged with a DIU