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Tresa Ann Bennallack Sadler

Tresa Sadler’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 19 total

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  • Passionate Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rick

    Tresa has been my attorney for over 6 years. She took my case with full knowledge of the difficult circumstances surrounding it. She was steadfast and diligent, never wavering from the course we set out to navigate. She has been passionate throughout and helped me remain focused on every task at hand. My case was chalked full of many court appearances. She was prepared, well versed and knowledgeable in every aspect of my extremely difficult case. I cannot tell you how many times I reached out to her for advice, and even after hours she was prompt in getting back to me with helpful advice. Trudging through the legal system with two children has been the biggest challenge in my life. I'm thankful I had Tresa at my side during this time. She has been victorious in most all of my hearings. I will never regret hiring her to represent me to this point and am confident I will use her in the future.

  • She won my case!!! I am so Happy!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    Tresa Sadler just completed my court case in July 2014. She and her team did an excellent job. I won sole custody of my two girls! She did a thorough and professional court presentation. I received everything I requested!! I couldn't have asked for a better result!!!

  • Look elsewhere if you want an attorney who will put effort into your case

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    I was assigned to Tresa when she was working for another attorney in 2008-2009. She did a reasonable job for me years ago although I did pay her tens of thousands of dollars to do her job. Then, when we had her review some issues many years later, she took my money and didn't do any due diligence. She missed deadlines. She didn't answer email. She refused to explain things even though she was charging $200 an hour to answer emails and phone calls. When she did file papers, she filed them at the very last second, therefore costing me both stress and money. Once I did have a hearing, we failed miserably because she refused to take the time to review the file to know what we were up against and she went in unprepared. She allowed (me) her client to be walked all over and berated by the pro se petitioner who was allowed to bring up issues that had no bearing on the case or hearing and not once did Tresa object or redirect. She hardly advised me as to when and where and what papers and dates were important. She put me in a very tough legal position and when I complained to her (after having been forced to file an appeal due to her missing dates for a judicial review) she filed a notice of intent to withdraw right before a key date in the path to trial. Don't hire her, you'd be better served by someone else who will give your case the focus and time it needs.

    Tresa Ann Bennallack Sadler’s response: “It is unfortunate that this post was not made with honesty and was not made by the client. I successfully obtained full custody and child support in this case for the client against the other party eight years ago. The client's actions taken following the conclusion of the custody case were taken contrary to my advice. I consistently act with due diligence on behalf of all of my clients in each case. However, when a client fails to provide the necessary documents to defend his/her case before I take a case, it is the client who lacks the due diligence and has put himself/herself at a disadvantage. This was explained to the client. I prepare for every hearing. I cited statutory support for our position at this hearing; your accusation is untrue. It was the client who was distracted by working on a laptop during the hearing, than focusing on the matter at hand. For testimony, I advise all clients to speak the truth and to be honest, including when testifying to the adjudicator. When a client does not answer straight forward questions and is evasive with the adjudicator, it taints a case and gives the adjudicator the impression that the client has something to hide, for instance, when the numbers simply do not add up. I am clear with each client as to my expectations. This appeal was filed because the outcome of the hearing was not acceptable. The appeal is in January 2015. There were no missed deadlines. I withdrew because there is an obvious lack of honesty and professionalism on your and your partner's part. I cannot represent a client who does not follow my advise, who is disrespectful and unprofessional in dealing with me or my staff, and who is not honest with all matters involving a proceeding, whether it be with a Court or other tribunal. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.”
  • Pre-nup agreement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tanda

    Tresa was on task and supportive of getting our pre-nup in place. Always an uncomfortable task but she reinforced what we were doing and was very informative about the benefits and pitfalls. I would recommend her highly!

  • Guardianship general info

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Guardianship client

    I have used Tresa Sadler’s legal services in the past and have the upmost respect for her abilities.
    Most recently she gave me legal advice involving a guardianship case. Tresa pointed out to me that guardianships were not her area of expertise. She gave good general legal information about the guardianship process and educated me on what to expect.
    Tresa was flexible with her time and was able to meet with me after regular business hours.
    I fully endorse Tresa Sadler’s legal advice.

  • Great attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Ms. Sadler is a wonderful attorney. I took my ex husband back to court to put restriction on him in regards to my son who at the time was preliminary diagnosed with Aspergers. She was very understanding with my situation with my son. I have recommend Ms. Sadler to many of my friends who are going through issues in all areas of family law. I will continue to recommend her.

  • An unprofessional and untrustworthy attorney!

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    This attorney is not consistent in performance from day to day. She seems to be on top of things at the beginning, working for you or your child's best interests one day, but months later, she is needlessly attacking the other party with outrageous accusations, and regarding the children, in what seemed to be a last ditch effort to persuade things her way. This did no good for the innocent children involved, nor did it improve my negotiation to come to a workable and reasonable arrangement with the other party. I did not understand the sudden and aggressive behavior. I do not recommend this attorney if children are involved, as it appears her actions have caused unnecessary emotional damage to innocent children.

    Tresa Ann Bennallack Sadler’s response: “I inform all of my clients that they are in the drivers' seat in their case, that I will make no argument or bring up any issue that has not been first approved of by the client. I also encourage every client to seek and obtain an attorney he or she will communicate with often, which is why I tend to not charge for individual phone calls or emails--I want clients to contact my office staff and me without hesitation. When children are in emotional situations or stress, I always recommend counseling with a certified therapist. If you were one of my clients, I would have informed you of this very clearly when you hired me, when you signed our contract, and on each occasion that you contacted my office with a concern. It is disappointing that you did not bring any of these concerns to my or my staff's attention during the pendency of your case, but we wish you well in the future.”
  • Updated Review - Case Outcome

    5.0 stars

    Posted by crystal

    Tresa has actively been my attorney for about 2 years now. My last review was completed pending the outcome of a child custody case so I was not able to report the outcome. I am happy to report that I now have a FAR more fair visitation schedule that was agreed upon during mediation which Tresa attended and guided me through wonderfully.
    I am very, very happy with my parenting plan now and my daughter is far happier mentally and physically. She is no longer constantly sick due to bouncing back and forth between Seattle & Spokane and enduring exhausting road trips on school nights. The new parenting plan has also relieved a tremendous financial strain. The old plan was using all of my daughter's monthly support plus hundreds more just to pay for travel. Every judge, commissioner, & attorney in Snohomish County who saw my old parenting plan would shake their heads in disbelief, comment on how "bad" the plan was and one even said "I can't believe a judge approved this parenting plan". It was THAT bad but thanks to Tresa, it is now fair and equal. I am happy with it and more importantly, my daughter is a lot happier.
    Tresa and her assistant, Stephanie are excellent when it comes to getting paperwork started and finished very quickly. I recently brought up a new issue to her and let her know I would need her help and within a couple days, she already had all the paperwork done and ready for me to sign without me knowing she had even started it!
    My opinion of Tresa both professionally and personally has not changed. She is a pleasure to work with and all of my friends and family love her.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by troy

    There are no real laws in Washington to support a father and his have to fight for them!
    pay your child support and they wont suspend your license.. thats about it.
    Mrs. Sadler got me custody of my daughter in just over a year.
    Although ,I did receive a bit of help from the mother, Mrs. Sadler did more than I can imagine to make this happen!
    She kept me informed and focused,which couldn't have been easy, and most importantly listened to me when i was freaking out.
    I CANNOT endorse Mrs.Sadler enough!!! This woman kicks ass!!! sorry ,but that's the best way to describe her performance!! period! If you're reading this ,my guess is youre going through the same thing ,or are about too. my prayers are with you! ugliest thing i've ever been through. stay strong and have faith.Do the right thing and TELL THE TRUTH!! THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!! trust me... it pays!

  • Client for 18 Months Straight & Continuing - LOVE Tresa!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Crystal

    I hired Tresa 18 months ago to handle all communication between my daughter's father and I because he has been trying to set me up to lose custody. He is a pathological sociopath who stops at nothing to get what he wants. Tresa does not tolerate his antics nor will she feed into his nonsense. She handles him perfectly.
    We are currently in litigation and while I do not know the outcome yet as we have not yet gone into court, I can say that I am extremely happy with the case that Tresa has put together FULLY supported by evidence (no hearsay) and the amount of effort she has put into the case. Tresa will not go into court with a weak case and is very ethical in the sense that she will not say or do anything unless it is supported by evidence. We have had one court hearing in Spokane which she attended in person and she was very calm and carried herself with poise. We won that motion, by the way.
    I communicate with Tresa multiple times per week and have so for a year and a half. She really does care about the families she works for and she truly values justice. I would never trust another attorney with my case and will hopefully have the privilege of being able to continue to work with Tresa until my daughter turns 18 (11 more years). I not only love Tresa as an attorney, I really do like her as a person and did from the very 1st second she said "Hello" to me. She is just one of those people...I anticipate a great outcome at the end of my case and will be asking Tresa to handle future legal matters as needed. EXCELLENT in EVERY way!!!