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Drue Lyn Kirby

Drue Kirby’s client reviews

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  • Poor Lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Drue handled my case in a timely manner and was very affordable, but had poor communication throughout the whole process. I did not know what to expect, and she tried to handle matters that were not part of my case and were out of her field, almost costing me my case.

  • Perseverance and Intelligence Won My Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by L. Lee

    Drue persevered in reviewing my medical-emergency-case that was incorrectly charged as a DUI. The police responded to my emergency and were only concerned I was driving under the influence of an illicit drug. Instead, my nephrologist had recently adjusted two blood pressure prescriptions and I was suffering from their combined effects. Drue took the time to research my case and understand the medical causes for the effects of all my medications. Drue clearly explained the laws to me. She presented and supported my physician's findings and occurrence of the medical event. Drue is both: calm and powerful. When finally presented to the District Attorney and Judge, they both agreed my case should be dismissed. And the case was dismissed with prejudice---meaning it is dropped/finished/and over. Drue is an attorney deserving the highest respect. She is efficient, prompt, totally professional, personable, friendly, accurate, and has the ability to focus the importance of the overwhelming story to the select, few,key points, with pin point accuracy. Thank you very sincerely Drue for helping me navigate this nightmare and for returning my life to peace and happiness once more! Also, her efficient staff was always available to accept notes, messages, record changes, accept papers, relay questions that I posed--which were promptly answered by Drue, define legal terms for me, and remind me of court dates in time for preparation. Drue informed me of the steps to be taken for the best strategy and plan of action. Drue is driven to WIN and she DOES WIN.

  • Attention to detail made all the difference!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Drue's representation of me was brilliant. She is highly educated and works hard to achieve a fair outcome for her clients. Drue is resourceful and does not give up until the desired result is attained. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

  • A debt of gratitude to Drue for her persistence...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    I am not sure how to put into words what Drue did for my son and our family. I can say that She was tenacious and determined to help us save our son from a false accusation, that could possibly have ruined the rest of his life. She was more than willing to work with us on the financial end of the whole ordeal. She was extremely knowledgeable on all the issues pertinent to our case.
    Drue was always there to help us emotionally and to help us understand what was happening and why. She took utmost care and consideration through the most difficult and terrifying time of our lives.
    We just can't thank her enough for giving our son his life back!
    We would highly recommend Drue Kirby to anyone, who has never had to hire or work with an Attorney before. We never had a need to retain an Attorney before and she held our hands and walked us all the way through it.
    Her knowledge of Juvenile Law was most encouraging and crucial to our defense.
    We just can't Thank her enough. We are so glad she is in our corner in case there is ever a need for her expertise again.
    Drue is extremely reliable and does go out of her way to get the job done.

  • Highest Recommendation for Drue Kirby. Best Decision I Could Have Made.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cathy

    Drue Kirby has many years of experience and success in her field and it shows the very first time you meet her. She is highly intelligent, straightforward, trustworthy, organized, and very focused on results.

    I met Drue Kirby during a very difficult time in my life. I was in a very scary 10+ year relationship with an addict and abuser. I was very fearful for myself and my animals. With her guidance, knowledge and determination, I was able to extricate myself from the relationship, testify against my partner, and obtain a 10-year no contact order against him. Drue has helped me every step of the way, and I can honestly say I would probably not be safe, secure and writing this without the help and legal expertise she has provided me.

    Drue is absolutely relentless, very well-spoken, and a master of courtroom decorum and advocacy skills. At all times I’ve felt confident that I had chosen the right lawyer to represent me and I would recommend her to anyone.
    I’ve had two judges state specifically that I’d hired “a very good attorney” to help me. They stated this in open court and were very respectful towards Drue which also impressed me.

    Drue has provided great legal advice in many aspects of my situation, and has made herself available during off hours in times of stress or to avert potential crisis. Drue’s high degree of communication and willingness to go above and beyond to help her clients is very apparent. Padula and Associates office staff have helped on many occasions and are very capable as well.

    The bottom line is that this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’ve received far more than I ever expected. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Drue’s time and dedication. I highly recommend Drue because she will get the results you hire her for.

  • Excellent recomendation for Drue Lyn Kirby

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken Tate

    Drue worked dilligently to obtain a Washington State Drivers License for me and succeeded despite what appeared to be impossible odds working with WA State Department of Licensing.

    I had a History of six DUI convictions over a period from September 1992 to February 2000. One of these occured in the State of Illinois which would not release me from the National PDPS report and thus the State of Wa would not grant me Driving Privileges even though I had been previously convicted for DUI in WA and subsequently cleared.

    Drue worked first with WA DOL with no results and finally decided to file a Writ thru Superior Court to obtain an order from the court directing WA DOL to grant me driving privileges. This took a lot of research and Drue found appropriate precedents etc to support the case. The Superior Court ruled in our favor and Directed DOL to move forward and grant me driving privileges which DOL chose to ignore!

    Unbelievable as this may seem it happened! Only a taxpayer subsidized entity loaded with arrognace and incompetence could choose to blatently ignore a Superior Court Order! Please note; those are my words, not Drues'. She calmly went back to work and refiled the Writ which eventually caught the eye of the Washington State Attorney who stepped in and cleared up whole mess.

    This is really an abreviated recap of all that was involved in this case which went from March 18th 2009 thru July 16th 2010 when I finally received a WA StateDrivers License.

    It should be noted that it was extremely difficult to find a Lawyer who would even consider taking this case; then it became much more difficult than any one could have ever anticipated! Thru it all Drue together with the staff at Padula Associats worked tirelessly to see this thing thru to it's satisfactory conclusion. Looking back on it all from my perspective as a client, it is somewhat beyond my comprehension how Drue and her associates had the drive and tenacity to stick with this thing untill its satifactory completion! Drue effectively turned this case into a crusade!

    In conclusion it should be noted that the majority of the time spent on this case by Drue and her associates had to have been done on a Pro- Bono basis! Their total fee to me exclusive of Superior Court Filing Fees was $3,000! They had to have had several times this amount invested at any reasonable billing rate! They took the case and saw it thru to the end despite the financial consequences; something very unusual and extremly appreciated by me!