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Ervin Albert DeSmet JR

Ervin DeSmet’s client reviews

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  • Heart of Gold

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wills client

    Mr. Desmet helped me with my estate planning and will. Mr. Desmet guided me through the process very efficiently and helped me to prepare for the inevitable. He was open and honest and able to answer all of the questions that I had. His experience in this area was very apparent. He answered my calls and emails. He made a stressful process go very smoothly.

  • Attorney Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dave

    When my mother passed away, Erv DeSmet worked with my family and me. He was fantastic. He returned calls in a timely way, showed real compassion, and served our family with energy and understanding.

    Mr. DeSmet is obviously competent and successfully guided us through the difficult journey of taxes, estate, probate, power of attorney, and how to properly disburse my mother's estate. We could not have had a better attorney for the job.

    Erv's fees were very reasonable and his common sense approach made the whole process as simple as could possibly be expected.

    Erv DeSmet was an absolute was a delight to work with. He has my permission to give my contact information to any potential client who wants a first-hand referral.

  • Support & assistance in the settling of a complicated estate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mona

    I first found Mr. DeSmet when I was searching for an attorney to assist with a situation I had encountered regarding my aging mother. I consulted AARP's resources and in the area of elder law Mr. DeSmet was one of that organization's recommended attorneys in the Greater Seattle area. I visited Mr. DeSmet's website and found the information there to give me confidence that if I needed to engage the services of an attorney I'd found the one I would use. My mother's situation did resolve itself. A few months later my stepfather passed away. His attorney, who was also the executor of his estate suggested that we would need to find another attorney to be the estate's attorney and suggested Erv DeSmet. I was delighted because I already had confidence in this gentleman's abilities. My mother was the sole primary beneficiary of my stepfather's estate. A few months later my mother passed away. Now the real work of sorting out the estate began. I was the executor for my mother's estate. There were six beneficiaries and the assets of the estate were, in some cases, not a simple matter to settle. One of the investment firms that held assets was having regulatory problems and when that firm closed its doors, the three remaining assets were now managed by three different companies. Through all of this, working with the other beneficiaries and managing the assets until they could be distributed, Mr. DeSmet counselled me, helping me through this process. He was a tremendous support to me and I couldn't have completed my duties as executor without his guidance. He was also able to refer me to an excellent accountant for the estate so that all beneficiaries had the correct informaiton for their own taxes, etc. We are finally closing the estate and Mr. DeSmet has seen me through this in an exemplary manner.

  • Erv Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David Efron

    I found Mr. DeSmet to be sensitive to client issues, very much a mediator where multiple parties' interests were involved (an estate), who defused delicate situations when they arose.

    He is a very good communicator and knows how to choose his words for maximum benefit and understanding, both in terms of the parties as well as the issues and the law.

  • Elder law guardianship review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Mr. DeSmet was recommended by my attorney in Sacramento when I needed help for both of my parents. It was a very difficult, challenging and complicated case. We had numerous hurdles and road blocks but due to the professionalism of Mr. DeSmet, and his thorough knowledge of the law and the very specialized parent guadianship laws we were able to take very good care of my parents. The problem was not family related, they all supported me, but the fact that my parents had not prepared any documents in the event something went wrong made it challenging. That caused us to go through the legal system and allowed me to do my job and protect my parents' rights. Mr. DeSmet met every new challenge with a smile and a "We will get through this" attitude that saved the day for us. We have have been on a maintenance program for over 10 years and appear before a judge at least once per year. We are well prepared, the filings are correct and "our" appearance before the judge goes smoothly. I would highly recommend Mr. DeSmet for any current or future dealings when it is time for legal assistance. His code of ethics dictates his approach to the law, and he knows the law well. At the end of the day, if what you are trying to accomplish is right and the right thing, he will prevail. He will represent my wife's family when the time comes for assistance, as all of her sisters know he is the best in that area. Thank you to Mr. DeSmet Esq. for a job well done.
    Richard Reiman