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William Sherlock

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  • Liam is a solid advocate, an expert, and a true professional.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shelly

    Liam Sherlock holds an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of complex development, land use and zoning issues. Our independent school has had the luxury of experiencing rapid growth over the past few years, and therefore we have faced some major growing pains in regards to our infrastructure. We sit on 72 pastoral acres zoned Exclusive Farm Use, of which we use a small percentage for our school, while enjoying the majority of our land as a lovely backdrop and outdoor classroom. As we have grown over the past 20 years since our inception, we have had to apply for conditional use permits every time we need or want to build.

    Currently, having been through 7 plus years of master planning, we are poised to initiate some major capital infrastructure campaigns in the next decade. Every penny and every day counts for our small and young independent school, as we have the constraints of fund development and small windows to complete our construction while students are off campus. As soon as we became ready to initiate the very first phases of our next major growth plan, we knew it was time to enlist the help of a land use attorney to guide our process and give us advice as to how to approach our planning. Liam has been able to provide us with valuable insight and peace of mind in regards to our unique challenges. Attentive and easy to work with, Liam is extremely knowledgeable in his field. My team truly feels that all of our needs and concerns are addressed, and our options are explained. Liam continues to successfully navigate a successful route to achieve our goals, and has been a fantastic advocate for our organization. We would most certainly recommend him with out reservation.

  • vacated land and false title report

    5.0 stars

    Posted by diana elms

    I had bought a home and thought that the title company was there to protect the buyer.I was wrong! The title company never checked into vacated lots that came with my home even after I questioned them before buying.The county had vacated the land in 1979 and somehow used different language in 1983 to make it were they took it back.VERY ILLEGAL. The title company should have called the county and then warn me of an issue. But allowed me to purchased and the very next day to apply for building permit to find I didn't own the land.I have been in a legal battle over a year.His kind words helped me thru a very depressive situation after feeling like a prisoner in a house I paid for. I was low balled from the title company to settle for amount missing land.I just wanted my land to build on.I wanted what I paid for.Thanks to Mr.Sherlock, I got my land and now a clear title to show it.Keep calm and believe in SHERLOCK . He will get you thru it.Diana Elms

  • Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bobbie

    Liam is professional yet easy to talk to about your issues. The office staff is also professional, responsive, and very helpful. I know I can count on Liam to be available to offer reliable legal options and advice. The land issues that I had with a neighbor was effectively and decisively handled by Liam Sherlock.

  • Outstanding Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adrienne

    I highly recommend Attorney, William (Liam) Sherlock. I filed a dog attack/property damage lawsuit in 2013 and he represented me. I won damages, costs, and attorney fees. Liam was very professional and easy to work with. He always responded promptly to all my questions (usually on-line) and his communication was excellent. He gave good advice and was mindful not to charge me for unnecessary fees. I was so impressed with his knowledge about the case, and his integrity, and I felt like he really wanted to see justice for his client. He is not your average attorney, he is exceptional.

  • Excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by lee

    Liam is smart and trustworthy, two words that you want to describe your attorney.
    I have absolute confidence in Liam's advice, judgment, and decisions.

  • Honest Lawyer? Yes! I found one.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Land Use & Zoning client

    Several years ago a developer proposed a land use that was acceptable to the local Planning commission. The proposed development would have been devastating.

    Mr. Sherlock is the only reason that developer did not prevail and build his monstrocity. The local county seemed only concerned with the improved tax base and could have cared less about my neighborhood.

    Mr. Sherlock took the developer's legal team to task before the county. He became personally involved in this, instead of simply viewing it as a paper shuffling exercise. His knowledge of the process and the law allowed him to force them to appear before the Land Use Board of Appeals. They defended the development well, but, each time Mr. Sherlock appeared, he won.

    Mr. Sherlock's efforts won a major decision with statewide impact preventing this developer, and others of his ilk, from dropping these messy little developments all over Oregon.

    I'm sure Mr. Sherlock has also done an excellent job representing corporate interests, but I am equally certain he did so without compromising his own integrity.

    I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Sherlock for any legal matter. If he is not right for the case he will see to it you get the right representation.