Competent, courageous, and confident are words I would use to describe Mr. Kim. He represented me and my children in a somewhat messy divorce case. In the midst of what was an extremely difficult, emotionally charged process, Mr. Kim was a consistent island of support, encouragement, and guidance. His sage advice and trustworthy representation kept me from falling prey to what I came to understand are common pitfalls of an egregious divorce such as mine.

His genuine concern for my children's well-being and safety coupled with his tireless efforts, translated into court orders that allowed my children to heal and grow forward in a healthy, hopeful manner. His no-nonsense approach and expert representation led to an excellent ultimate outcome.

Amazingly and importantly, he managed to do this without unnecessarily alienating or antagonizing the other parties involved. This allowed for healing and movement towards a much healthier relationship between my children and ex-spouse. This was an important goal of mine from the beginning of the divorce process. John heard and understood this concern and worked diligently and expertly towards successfully respecting it while remaining a powerful advocate for my interests.

Mr. Kim is a wonderful lawyer and a delightful person; he serves his clients with dignity, sincerity, and expertise.