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Andrea D Coit

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  • Can my boss split my hours between 2 companies and issue separate checks to avoid paying overtime?

    I work for an business owner who, to avoid paying overtime operates 3 companies out of the same location. One business is legitimate, while the other 2 are operated out of the same location with an off site P.O. box for a mailing address. I often ...

    Andrea’s Answer

    This is not legal. The damages you are entitled to are set by statute in Oregon. An employment attorney in Oregon can lead you in the right direction.

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  • Can an employer change the requirements of your job and then lay you off when you don't meet the new requirements?

    I performed the same job for 11 years and recently a new manager was hired. The requirements for my job were changed and I was not told that they planned to change the way we would operate and that I would be required to perform the new duties.

    Andrea’s Answer

    Unless you have an employment contract or are a member of a protected class, your employer can terminate your employment at will. If you do belong to a protected class, the termination is wrongful only if it was motivated by a discriminatory intent. If you believe the firing was discriminatory, look further into Texas's protection laws. Some states offer more protections than the federal government, e.g., age or sexual orientation.

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  • Settlement during litigation.

    If the opposing party makes a settlement proposal, it isn’t final until its final, right? I’m in discovery and the defendant’s attorney is trying to make me settlement offer but as far as the litigation were also close to the end of an extension t...

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    If the opposing party makes an offer of settlement and you expressly indicate your acceptance, the settlement is binding and the underlying claims are resolved. Any further litigation would revolve around enforcement of the settlement agreement.

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