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Risa M Davis

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    No job too small

    I commute regularly for work, and when I was pulled over and given three tickets I was mortified - and risked losing my license, a condition of my employment. The original offense was supposedly talking on the phone while driving - and while the officer had seen me talking while driving, I'd been excitedly using the new bluetooth I'd recently had installed in my car! Needless to say, he didn't believe me.

    I knew I'd need to go to traffic court. A lawyer for traffic court seemed silly to me at first, but I was concerned about losing my license and a friend recommended I talk to Risa. She looked over the relevant statutes for all three tickets and agreed that the charges were tenuous at best.

    Risa's quick analysis of the law as it related to my specific situation and her skill explaining her take on the law both in laymen terms (as she spoke to me) and more technically (as she negotiated a reduction of the charges pre-trial) were clearly evident. Her negotiation skills were impressive, as well.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Risa. She both provided me with realistic expectations of the process and likely outcomes, but was still a strong advocate trying to get me the best outcome possible. I appreciated her willingness to take on something so small and the clear skill and pride she showed in her work.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Risa is GREAT with DV

    Risa represented me in a DV case and she was amazing. I can only imagine that the people who have had bad things to say about her must have totally unrealistic expectations or are very difficult people.

    My DV case went to a full-on hearing and Risa was fantastic. She prepared me really well for the hearing and was ready with all kinds of evidence and exhibits. She also did a really good job of addressing the sexual abuse I had suffered in a way that made me feel comfortable. She was great about making sure I never had to look at my abuser and even arranged for an officer to escort me to my car after the hearing. The judge we had seemed totally clueless about the dynamics of DV and Risa did a great job of taking the time to explain how that factored into my case.

    I really appreciated Risa’s realistic approach to my case. There were some big property division issues and she worked with me to pick my battles and focus on the most important things. While I didn’t get everything I wanted (who does in this type of case?) I felt like I was able to make educated and strategic decisions about what I wanted to fight for.

    The one complaint I had is that Risa was slow with her billing. This wasn’t really an issue, because her office was really nice and worked with me to make a payment plan I could afford. I also gave her this feedback at the end of my case and she was really receptive to it. Risa in general is just really easy to talk to about things and is a really down-to-earth person who just wants to help people. If you can’t work with Risa on your case, I bet you can’t work with any attorney.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Watch out for Risa Davis!

    I hired Risa for family law regarding child custody and domestic violence. Initially, she claimed to be very knowledgeable in domestic violence and assured me she understood how laws work regarding that dynamic. After nearly a year of fighting with her to be on my side with the case, she ended up forcing me to sign custody to my abuser. She numerous times told me to "just give him what he wants" and surrender all custodial rights and visitations. She didn't even know what the Address Confidentiality Program is and how it works. When we met with the judge in a private meeting, she not only set me up for failure with the meeting, she didn't advocate for my needs or for my case. She even told me to "shut up" when I tried to explain my case. It was suppose to be a candid conversation with the judge but she supported my abusers case to take my child; of which I raised solely since birth. She didn't follow any punitive actions against the other party when they violated our agreement, she regularly tried to convince me I would never get my child back and just to give in. Then at the hearing, literally forced me to sign the agreement I stated on record I didn't agree with. She told me I wouldn't need any witnesses for the hearing because I would keep custody for sure. At the hearing the other party brought witnesses and was ready for a full hearing. She not only didn't represent ANY critical evidence to the judge of the years of abuse, but she advocated for my abuser in the private meeting and during the hearing. She is incompetent of the seriousness of domestic violence and put my child in the care of someone actively abusive. After the hearing, I immediately complained I was unhappy with what happened and wanted to know my options. Instead of informing me of an appeals process, she ignored me for 2 months. I had to stop her from lying on the child support paperwork about my income and when I lost my job just a few weeks after the hearing, she refused to do a change in circumstance. I now owe my abuser tons of child support and I am going on disability from injuries I sustained. I can't work and she refused to do anything to help me get away from him, keep my child safe and not enable him to financially oppress me. To this day, I still haven't recovered from my brain injury which prevents me from full cognitive function and reading ability. Instead of getting my child into a safe house and with a safe parent, I now have no contact with my child and no visitations because my abuser got full custody and refuses to follow our parenting plan. I am not a criminal nor anything of the sort, just a hard working, loving single mother who has lost her child through the legal system and an attorney who supported the other party. Hard enough to represent yourself against one lawyer, but impossible against two and with a brain injury! My personal safety has been compromised and my child's on a regular basis. Any claims made by Risa to be helping the victims of domestic violence are truly false. Not only is she ignorant of what domestic violence does to a family, but she apparently bullies victims while supporting the abuser. I have filed a formal complaint because of her repeated negligence, poor choices, and flat out incompetence. This is my personal experience with Risa Davis and though she may treat someone who pays her full rate better, I did not receive her zealous representation and guidance. I would never recommend her for anything legal, not even filling out paperwork. I had to keep her accountable to being honest. Her value and ethics are clearly skewed and unhealthy. Had she done her job even half well, I wouldn't of be forced to give up my full custody to a well documented abuser. What was she thinking???

    Risa M Davis’s response: “Dear “Child Custody Client,” Thank you for your comments. It saddens me that your memory of my work on your case is so riddled with inaccuracies. Customer service and satisfaction are very important to me and the entire staff at Davis Law Offices LLC and we take our obligations to our clients very seriously. I am very open to feedback and constructive criticism from clients; however, I cannot allow bald-faced lies regarding my actions to go unanswered. When you came to me for help, I gave you a realistic assessment of what I thought your chances were of getting sole custody of your child after having no contact with him for many months. I sympathized with your situation, and explained the limitations of the legal system in addressing your family’s needs and in dealing with domestic violence. I also repeatedly told you that as the client, you would direct the case and ultimately decide what to do. It is part of a lawyer’s job to provide honest advice to their client. I could not simply tell you what you wanted to hear. It was my responsibility to provide you with accurate, reasoned advice regarding the likelihood of possible outcomes in your case. However, I always told you that you got to make the final calls on how to proceed with the case. I told you repeatedly that if you wanted to take the case to trial, I would do so. To be clear, I never told you to “just give him what he wants” and to surrender all custodial rights and visitation. I also never told you to shut up. I always addressed you respectfully, even when you were screaming profane language at me in court and were asked by the clerk in the neighboring courtroom to be quiet because you were disrupting the other court’s trial. I am confused by your accounts of the hearings in your case. There was one hearing to which I subpoenaed five witnesses on your behalf. The other time we were in court was for a settlement conference, and neither party had witnesses. I never forced you to sign any agreements. The judge discussed every settlement with you, on the record prior to your signing it. The judge did not allow you to sign any settlement that you did not indicate, on the record, you understood and agreed to. Twice, after particularly nasty verbal assaults from you, I indicated that I thought our working relationship was breaking down and that you may wish to seek another attorney to represent you. I encouraged you to find an attorney with whom you felt more comfortable. You refused. After the case was settled you told me you were unhappy with the settlement. I advised you that you could apply for modification. I also informed you that per our original engagement agreement, my representation of you had concluded upon the entry of a final judgment and I was no longer your attorney. I indicated that I would not agree to represent you in future matters and suggested that you contact the Oregon State Bar Referral Service. I also informed you that you could file for modification without an attorney. When you later informed me that you lost your job, I indicated that you should contact the Child Support Division, as they could help in handling your child support, and reiterated that you may wish to hire a new attorney. I am sympathetic to your having a brain injury, and did everything I could to accommodate you during the course of your case. If you have suggestions regarding how your disability could have been further accommodated, I would welcome that feedback. At this point I have received no information regarding a formal complaint. This leads me to believe that any complaint filed has not past the initial screening. If any complaint does make it through the initial screening process, I will be happy to provide all the information necessary to show I acted professionally and responsibly as your attorney. Regards, Risa Davis Managing Attorney Davis Law Offices LLC”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nikki

    If you want a helpful and supportive lawyer, you want Risa

    Risa was recommended to me by a friend-of-a-friend and I am so glad I found her. She helped me with my divorce and was excellent. Risa is really empathetic and supportive - she spent time listening to me complain even when it probably wasn't necessary. My husband was a total jerk about our divorce and Risa validated my frustration about his behavior while still keeping me on track and helping me focus on resolving the case and moving on.

    Risa is a young attorney, but that doesn't make her "green." She was amazingly strategic and thoughtful when it came to representing me. She not only took time to get to know me, but she really got to know the case and the facts of what was going on. She even took the time and consulted a couple colleagues regarding a particularly complex issue in my case – and didn’t charge me for the time! I felt like Risa wanted to do whatever it took to “get it right,” and she did.

    I was happy with Risa’s communication with me and how responsive she was with my questions. Risa’s firm is small, and Risa is in court a lot, so when you call she will most likely have to call you back. That being said, Risa called me back faster than any other attorney I’ve worked with. And if you are comfortable communicating by e-mail, Risa is super-responsive.

    I would highly recommend Risa to anyone looking for a compassionate and careful attorney to take care of their most important legal issues.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Georgia


    I recently hired Risa Davis to represent me in my divorce. Unfortunately she seemed to be working for the other side. She worked hand in hand with my husbands attorney to use my past against me, ultimately leading to the loss of my children. She charged me for documents that she never prepared, failed to inform me of courtdates, and redacted my file when I fired her. I gave her my documents and evidence which came back as copies, some were altered, and some were never returned to me. She made herself virtually unavailable to work on my case, and I am now left to deal with the mess she left on my own. I would not recommend the services of Risa Davis to anyone who loves their family.

    Risa M Davis’s response: “Dear Georgia, Thank you for your comments. I am sorry your experience with our office was so negative. I have attempted to contact you to discuss your concerns one-on-one and see if there is anything I can do to remedy your dissatisfaction. Please feel free to contact me so we can set up an appointment to address your complaints. After my withdrawal from your case, I tried to do everything I could to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family. I understand, however, that any such transition can be difficult. As before, I am more than happy to provide you with referrals, information and forms to aid you in representing yourself or finding alternate representation. Customer service and satisfaction is very important to me and the entire staff at Davis Law Offices LLC. I assure you, we take our obligations to our clients very seriously. I am always happy to discuss our billing, concerns you have regarding the case file, documentation and property returned to you at the end of your representation, or any of the other issues outlined in your review. Again, please feel free to contact our office to discuss these concerns further. Sincerely, Risa Davis Managing Attorney Davis Law Offices LLC”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Javier

    Thank you God for Mrs. Davis

    Mrs. Davis helped me when I was in a pretty bad place. I always was getting in a lot of trouble with the police and at school. I was using drugs. I had a record and had gone through a couple of public defenders and a few schools. I met Mrs. Davis when my mom got a restraining order (not against me!) and Mrs. Davis helped her. She seemed like she actually cared about my mom and me. A few months later I got in trouble at school and was getting kicked out again and charges were filed against me. My mom called Mrs. Davis right away. Having Mrs. Davis on my team was the best thing. She took a lot of time to get to know me and understand me. She listened to my side of the story and didn't judge me or tell me I was a bad person or a screw up. I think Mrs. Davis worked really hard because she got it so I could stay at the same school. She helped me figure out what I needed and worked with the school to make it so I had a better schedule and was in classes with fewer students and so I could do independent study sometimes so I could be in treatment for my addiction. Mrs. Davis also worked with the judge and my supervisor so that I got to do community service and take some classes and go to counseling instead of getting sent to detention. I am so thankful to God for sending me Mrs. Davis. She got me help and support and education instead of unfair punishment. Even when I had been in trouble most of the time she saw that I could be better and made me see that I could be better. P.S. I graduated from high school and am clean and sober. Life isn’t easy, and I struggle everyday, but Mrs. Davis helped my life get a little easier.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by LK

    Great attorney who really cares about her clients!

    Risa helped me with a custody case for my son. Things were continuously getting complicated due to my ex moving repeatedly but Risa was always on top of things. She explained everything that was going on, was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had, and really looked out for the best interest of my little family. I cannot thank her enough!