I am not a lawyer, I am not wired like a lawyer, and frankly had no real "reason" to interact with the legal world personally until a few years ago. I had been thru a divorce, and in hindsight (very expensive hindsight) felt my choice had really let me down. Live and learn.

When I needed counsel post-divorce, I knew what I didn't want. I somehow (honestly can't remember how) found Herb. And... wow. Herb and his staff have pretty much done the impossible: restored my faith in lawyers, particularly those in the divorce category.

Herb is exactly the guy I wish I'd known about during my initial proceedings. Brace yourself: divorce is not a pleasant experience, but you CAN have (and SHOULD have) a good working partnership with your attorney. Sounds obvious, but for me, that was not my experience prior to Herb.

I've found Herb to be empathetic but realistic wrt my position; offering thoughtful, considered real-world advice about the steps needed to address a situation now and its future implications. Every single time I've interacted with him and his staff, I've found it to be cordial, intelligent... almost even... pleasant.

With Herb in my corner I absolutely feel equipped and confident to exercise my rights as a dad and as a person, and doing so in a humane, respectful way — the way I choose to do it — regardless of how daunting the legal issues seem to be.