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Kenneth Stephen Mitchell-Phillips

Kenneth Mitchell-Phillips’s Legal Guides

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  • Is it Time to Organize Your Business?

    Whether your corporation is small or large, an important aspect of maintaining and protecting the advantages of the corporate form is the regular observance of corporate formalities. The proper observance of corporate formalities will protect your shareholders from the imposition...

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  • Do Your Contracts Work?

    If youve ever encountered a dispute as a business owner, you probably already appreciate the importance of having a written contract. However, just as important as having a written contract is making sure that your written contract works for you and your business. With the growth...

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  • Law Implicated When Raising Money for a Business

    Many companies engaging in a private financing transaction often overlook the impact of applicable laws because they are not involved in a public financing. The following are examples of key laws may apply to your next financing transaction, whether your are a large or small company:

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  • Frequently Asket Real Estate Questions

    Here are some frequently asked real estate questions:

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  • Top Reasons to Create an Estate Plan

    Many people don’t take the time to make an estate plan not realizing that if they don’t take the initiative to make their own estate plan an impersonal person or court will make the decisions for them. As a result, here are my top reasons for creating an estate plan now:

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  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property is Crucial to Your Business

    If you have a business, then you have valuable intellectual property which may be as valuable as the business itself. As a result, protecting your intellectual property is critical to the success of your business.

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