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George Winslow Mead

George Mead’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike Davis

    Fierce Advocate

    George got us through the most difficult time in our lives, so I would recommend him to anyone in need. There was some stress in not always getting replies to emails or phone calls on a complete or timely manner. I felt a frustrating lack of control throughout the ordeal, in that the case was decidedly in his hands and not mine, but that's hardly a negative in a qualified and dedicated attorney such as Mr. Mead. This case was outside of his ordinary field of practice, but he ably took on the task because he believed in us and became an expert on the technical aspects. I had the unwavering sense of comfort that he was advocating for our welfare and that we were on his mind each and every day.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Craig

    An honest, hardworking attorney.

    I first contacted George by phone from California about a suit my sister and I wanted to bring against our brother in the Portland area. The case had to do with our parents estate and my brother's (ex bro!) theft of the entire estate after my mothers' death. After interviewing him via phone, I hired him and he started to work. I had to trust in him as it was some months before we actually met face to face. This was hard for me because I don't like to feel 'not in control' of a situation but he took up our cause and proved to be a sterling guy.

    George showed an intelligent and quick grasp of the situation and what steps needed to be accomplished and in what order to force an out of court settlement. He did his due diligence all the way such as flying to Florida to take an important deposition. His help with strategy in the conference room about the back and forth offers and counter offers enabled us to keep focused and even were able to share some humor in trying moments. In short, George guided us until we prevailed in an emotionally charged and difficult process. THANK YOU MR. MEAD!

    The outcome was worth the battle it took to achieve justice. And George is actually interested in justice. An honorable man and I recommend him thoroughly.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sarah

    Professional, Honest and Extremely Helpful

    I hired Mr. Mead to handle a civil suit between my company and a shipping operation who had crushed my product in transit. He handled my case in a timely and thorough manner while explaining the legalities so they were easy to understand from a laymen's perspective. I was very impressed with how the case was facilitated and I will be recommending George Mead to my friends and colleagues. Very professional, thorough and helpful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    Breach of contract to construct and operate

    Our company initially retained George to locally handle a breach of contract agreement we already had a large Seattle firm working on. Due to the amount of the complaint, we felt extra perspective would help to ensure nothing was missed. George was able to point out several areas the other firm was not addressing and offered a different strategy. Consequently, we made George the lead and eventually prevailed. George is now our "go to" guy for all corporate legal matters. I highly recommend .

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Michelle

    Can't rely on George

    I was extremely disappointed in George. He was unable to pay attention to detail. He was not responsive to my questions, often requiring me to ask the same question on multiple occasions, some of which he just never answered. His rate is too high given his poor service. His poor secretary doesn't have his schedule so she's not able to let you know when it's possible to reach him or to expect a return call. I've managed to avoid attorneys for 61 years. Unfortunately I moved to Portland in recent years and hadn't established a good referral network with other professionals so I used this site to help me decide. It is for this reason I wanted to be sure to provide an accurate assessment of his behavior and abilities. I had to fire George and engage another attorney who, in a brief period of time, uncovered issues that George had missed or didn't take the time to explore. I urge you to seek a referral from someone you know and trust.
    I am debating whether to contact the Oregon bar association about him. I'll give myself some time to get over my recent experience with him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Real Estate Fraud

    George Mead was retained to handle a Real Estate Fraud case.
    We have never been sued and this was a very traumatic experience.
    George made us feel extremely comfortable and explained in detail what steps would be taken and the potential costs. The entire litgation would take 15 months and became very involved with witnesses, expert witnesses and depositions. The preparation for each step was extremely detailed and always well prepared. The open communication, legal expertise and sound advice would lead us to ultimately win our case. George was also very affordable because he made very good decision as to what was the most important aspects of the case and concentrated on those items.
    I would highly recommend George Mead to anyone.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sharon

    Commercial Lease

    George did a great job helping create a commercial lease for a building, I was remodeling, but did not own. It was a tricky situation. I was completely out of my comfort zone before I went to see George. He was helpful, detailed and never condescending.