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Benjamin J Evans

Benjamin Evans’s client reviews

     3.5 stars 9 total

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  • Custody Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachael

    I hired Ben to help fight my custody case. He did a very amazing job. It seemed to take longer than I initially expected to complete the case but that was none of Ben's fault. We communicated mostly through E-mail with timely responses. I really liked that he even kept me involved in what was being sent to the other attorney against me. He has very reasonable views to my case and really fought for me. I ended up getting everything I wanted out of my case including full custody of my daughter. He is a really great attorney and I highly recommend him. If I ever have to go back to court I will definitely be hiring Ben again.

  • Lifesaver!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ceci

    Ben Evans is a top quality, professional family law lawyer that has helped me for a year. He is very patient and professional both in and out of the courtroom. I always felt I was in great hands being represented by Mr. Evans.

  • Not Ethical

    1.0 star

    Posted by Ben

    At initial consultation, he first got his $50. Then made me wait for 10-15 minutes. Then I visited him and explained to him about my situation. after about 40 minutes, he said that time is up. All he told me was that his rate is $220/hour and he is willing to take on my case. What a waste of time. He gave no advice. He didn't tell me what he can do for my case. So, I cannot rate his knowledge, but I can definitely rate his trustworthy, responsive, and keeping informed, and specially his ethics. obviously, he is more concerned about his $$ than his work.

  • Professional, not very good, and shady. Be warned.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I worked with Benjamin Evans for several months. He was my defense against a very well known family law firm and attorney here in Portland. He advised me to take a deal for a temporary hearing that costed me leverage in the case and worst less time with my children. I'm a blue collar worker, and he knew this. I gave him the retainer, paid him several other times. I pleaded with him and struck a deal to pay him what I iowed and he would continue to work with me. He agreed. He withdrew from the case and my representation. He did this on a Friday, 3 days before my divorce trial. I would not reccomend him. He is costly and uncompassionate. Also doesn't care about anyone but himself.

  • help with divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by kathleen

    Mr Evans helped guide me through disentagling from an ex partner to whom I was not married but owned joint property. It was a hard emotional landscape and I was very glad to have him as a legal counsel.
    I tried to do this first through non-binding arbitration, and was glad to have him put it into legal wording and file it with the state. I am glad for him being the point of contact between him and my ex. It made it easier to move through, and I could not have done it on my own.

  • Disappointing, Elusive!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I was provided Mr. Evans name through the Oregon Bar association Modest Means Program. That program offers an initial consult for $ 35.00/ 30 minutes. I informed Mr. Evans that I would prefer to do my consult over the phone, as I am disabled and have a hard time getting around, since I do not drive.

    He informed me that HE charges $ 50.00 to do consults over the phone, since the "extra-cost of having to process my credit card payment. When I asked how that matters since it cost no more to process my credit card over the phone as it does in person? He responded that he thought I should go elsewhere, because he was a collaborative attorney, and he did not think we were a good match.

    When I asked him to clarify the reason that he thought I should go elsewhere he refused to clarify himself and failed to respond. Clearly Mr. Evans appreciates the referrals provided by the Oregon State Bar association, but does not wish to abide by the guidelines they promise to the people whom they send to Mr. Evans.

    With less than 5 years of practice, he apparently does not need the business, or only uses the service to gather additional leads, but depending on how much business he has at the time, declines to honor his commitment to the guidelines he "agreed" to uphold. That being said, I would not recommend him as a trustworthy attorney based on my experience with him or his staff


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I called and had no time left to file my response. I couldn't think, my head was spinning.. This was a complicated case that I had to have an attorneys guidance. I found Ben and he wasted no time. Less then 24 hours and it was taken care of.. He knows how important my timeframe was.. He's a godsend. The lords timing is always perfect.. Thanks Ben

  • Exactly who I needed. Professional and considerate.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    I was referred to Ben by the Oregon Bar when I first had questions concerning my potential paternity case. Our conversations prior to meeting with him and his secretary Camille were pleasant and without hindrance through email and over the phone. In our first face-to-face meeting I felt Ben acknowledged me and my situation with respect and professionalism. The level of comfort I received in his empathy towards me and my case affected my decision to hire him on as my attorney.

    For the first half of our time as client-attorney, we engaged in long distance communications as I was working away from town. I am grateful for Ben's efforts in contacting me and even visiting me at my place of work which was hundreds of miles away from his office to meet and discuss the finer points of my case during his own vacation time. At this point and throughout our relationship I felt that he was always committed to his clients and provided the best and timely service possible.

    Ben helped me close an emotional chapter in my life with tact. In helping me through my case and identifying all the important points he set for me a high expectation of what I should expect from any attorney in the future. He understood family law and detailed every step and procedure thoroughly, going back and answering all my questions gratefully when they came up. Our correspondence was timely and straightforward, always keeping me up to date on news. I recommend Ben enthusiastically!

  • Calm, Professional and Kind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deb

    I interviewed several lawyers when I was searching for someone to guide me through my divorce. Mr. Evans was always very calm, kind and patient. He was knowledgable about the law, court proceedings, and legal expecations of the system. And when necessary, he was direct and firm! He was the rock that I leaned on though this experience.

    My exhusbands family is full of attorney's, I knew I needed someone with a calm presence and, when necessary, a commanding attitude. Ben was able to guide me through a difficult, complicated, emotional time. He protecte my interests against the 'pit bulls' on the other side of the isle. I am very happy with the help he provided me.

    I have recommended Mr. Evans to other people going through similar experiences. I believe he did a wonderful job for me and my children. He has even been open to me asking him follow-up questions months after my divorce was final.

    I am happy to recommend Mr. Evans. I believe strongly in his professionalism and knowledge. I would encourage anyone to make time to sit down and discuss your needs with him; it will be time very well invested!