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Andy Simrin

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    My name is Diana Saltvick and I first requested Mr. Andy Simrin to go over a summons I received from a man that had been incarcerated for years--the case was unclear to me and I of course didn't understand the legal aspect at all..So upon arrival to his office (then in Salem Oregon) he quickly and professionally went over the court summons and put me at ease with in moments..He said what I had was a simple case of a man that had nothing better to do behind bars then to cause trouble. So he accepted the case and proceeded to handle it every step of the way..Every statement sent to him by the courts or from him to the courts were sent to me ..within days of filing .
    His ability proved to be of the utmost professional level in every aspect. I felt that Mr. Simrin never treated my case any different regardless on how it seemed to be to him a very cut and dry situation. The time and effort Mr. Simrin spent on my case was a very long and drawn out one to be sure. At times I felt as tho we were fighting a loosing battle due to the amount of appeals we had to endure and yet at the end of near a years worth of work Mr. Simrin triumphantly won our case hands down.. Mr Simrin never missed a beat in timely return of court papers and the full research of the case and all parties involved, Mr Simrin in fact knows his law and practice to the fullest.

    I believe that if anyone is interested in finding a lawyer that absolutely holds 100% respect for their clients it would be Mr. Andy Simrin . You wont ever be disappointed with his work ethics or his ability to be in contact with you during your time with him..He is a very honest and trustworthy professional in his field of law. I highly recommend Mr Simrin to anyone that is interested in having a man that is willing to legally handling your case and making sure that in any outcome he will have done everything to his abilities to have won for you ..

    Mr. Andy Simrin takes his profession very seriously and that is something that we as a client always look for isn't it?? He is always willing to put in all the necessary time to make sure that your case is completely covered from begining to end..Mr Simrin also is excellent in telephone contacting..He made it a regular weekly or daily (if needed) effort to contact me directly by phone as well as e-mail when needed. It is a scary thing to be sued and as Mr. Simrin understood my lack of knowledge of the law he made sure to never talk over me with terms I wouldn't understand , he always made sure that after each conversation I completely understood what details and accomplishment our case had overcome..Mr. Simrin ( and I cant stress this enough) always treated me with respect and honesty . Two of the most importiant factor I look for in dealing with any professional..
    So I encourage you to closely consider Mr. Andy Simrin in handling your court needs if what you are looking for is an honest , knowledgeable and hardworking individual --if those are the qualifications that you are seeking?? Mr Simrin is going to be the lawyer for you..