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Luke T Brean

Luke Brean’s client reviews

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  • Wasted time and money. He's cheap and you get what you pay for.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Keith

    Luke Brean was hired to search my business name, write an application and file it for approval of my trademark. Apparently he did not even do a search because when the trademark office responded, there was an exact match for my business name that was filed BEFORE mine. When asked about this situation he became belligerent, told me to hire a new lawyer and hung up on me.

    DO NOT HIRE this charlatan. Run away. Run far away from this guy.

  • Hire the best Trademark Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by

    I interviewed over three attorneys for representing my two company's trademarks prior to discovering Luke T Brean at

    I was concerned, as I had limited experience with "cease and desist" letters and legal events. I am not willing to give up my company trademark easily and I will not give in to the big company bullies who think they can beat out the smaller companies with a few threatening letters? I was interested in identifying an attorney that was assertive and aggressive and one that I had hoped could deliver results... Then comes that moment, in walks Luke T Brean!

    I am forever grateful to you Luke as you have not only quickly brought me up to speed on legal processes and events and put me at ease; you have developed strategies for my two companies in establishing growth and brand recognition, nationally. You have gone above and beyond what my project based rate would entail and for that we are so ever grateful to you and your organization. You have set the bar very high for anyone else with your expertise. You are truly the best in Trademarks I've found nationally!!

  • Prompt, professional and generous

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    I've worked with Luke in researching and successfully trademarking several business names and URLs. He's smart, friendly, always replies promptly to emails and is generous with his time and expertise. I should add that I have worked with very large law firms that have proven to be none of the above.