Steven J Sherlag

Steven J Sherlag

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About Me 

It is an honor when people bring their problems to me and entrust with me with vindicating their rights, being their voice in our nation's courts.


I enjoy what I do and treat every client as I would wish to be treated should I have the misfortune of facing their challenges.  I approach my client's case as a partnership, with patient understanding, compassion, and the knowledge that I will be a better lawyer if I listen to my client's story and their needs, but also knowing that with my years of experience, I am prepared to carefully guide my client and my client's family through the rough and uncertain waters of the court system.


I also know that it is important to maintain a sense of humor in stressful times and an enuring sense of dignity so that my client will understand me and know that I will do my very best to accomplish their goals, their outcome, no matter how difficult and uncertain the path may be.


If you think I may be the right person for you, please do not hesitate to call on me to be your voice in our nation's courts.