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James P Dwyer

About James Dwyer

About me

My law practice emphasizes personal injury and workers’ compensation law. One of my primary jobs is to take care of my client’s legal hassles, so they can take care of recovering from their injuries. I keep my practice small so my clients get the attention they need and deserve. When a client calls, they talk directly to me.

My experience with the law started at the age of 12 when I went to work at my father’s law firm making deliveries to the post office, bank and taking documents to the courthouse on bike. I grew up going to legal seminars and helping my dad prepare cases.

I started practicing with my father in 1988 in Eugene, Oregon, where my primary focus was on helping people who were injured through no fault of their own. In 1998 I moved to Portland. Since then I have worked with Dean Heiling. I continue to practice personal injury and workers’ compensation law.

I have been married to my wonderful wife since 1990. I have two amazing daughters. My oldest is a sophomore in college and is majoring in Neuroscience. My youngest is a senior in high school and works part time at my office. I love cooking, traveling, volunteer work and spending as much time as possible with my family.

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