I had telephoned several attorneys regarding my situation. None of them viewed my case as I did; there was something wrong with the timing of a work-related injury claim
and my employment being terminated.
Then, someone referred me to Christopher Slater.

I was instantly impressed with his honesty, knowledge of the law, and how well informed he was of the particular requirements for the industry in which I was employed.
He expressed confidence, patience, and the value of timing with regards to filing my complaint with the proper court.
Christopher's genuine concern regarding my current medical condition was a relief and he advised me to "take care of it first".

Christopher spent a great deal of time on the phone during the initial conference and everytime afterwards.
He was easy to talk with and always straightforward; often using metaphors to get his point across.
And always he made certain I had no questions at the end of all conversations.

I appreciated his mindfulness of my time and distance from his office.
Office meetings were kept to a bare minimum.
The discussions regarding plan of procedures, his work on a contingency basis, and the difference between costs and fees were done via phone or email.
He made sure I understood my responsibilities before, during, and after the process of filing a suit.

The defendent eventually offered a settlement following a decision made by the State of Oregon courts during discovery.
I met with Christopher and the adjudicator to negotiate.
It was apparent he is a plaintiff's lawyer, as he often referred to himself.
I am certain his ethics, values, and professionalism appear very well in a courtroom.
I have a great deal of respect for Christopher and highly recommend him to anyone with questions regarding employment and disablilities.