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William Keeler’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Estate Planning client

    One of the most immoral, selfish and greedy people I have ever met

    In my opinion Bill Keeler is one of the most evil men I have ever encountered in my entire life. I think that he is arrogant, selfish, inconsiderate, incompetent, and will do just about anything for money. I caught him lying to me on three occasions. He never kept any promise he made to me. He hunted me down like I was a wild animal, defamed my character and forced me against my will to testify in a civil case that had absolutely nothing to do with me and he knew it.

    The civil case was all because someone at his law firm had written a living trust incorrectly and did not list and give money to anyone who might contest the trust. Because of that when their client died, someone previously listed on another living trust contested the trust. Everyone knows or should know that you have to list anyone on a trust who might contest the trust and give them $1 which shows you considered them and didn't want them to get any money. Any competent attorney would have listed any and all people listed on previous trusts and given them a $1. This is standard practice in the industry. Yet Bill Keeler's law firm did not do that. And one of the people listed in a previous trust contested the trust. Surprise, surprise. NOT The case couldn't be thrown out because he wasn't listed on the trust that Bill Keeler's law firm had written. So instead of owning up to the fact that they had written the living trust incorrectly, he decided to supeona anyone who might correct his mistake. A good person doesn't force other people against their will to correct their mistake. A good person corrects their own mistakes.

    I was one of the people subpoenaed on their fishing expedition to correct their mistake. However, Bill told me excruciating details about the case. Attorneys are not allowed to tell details to a witness because it might sway their testimony. But Bill did exactly that to me. In my opinion he was trying to get me to lie under oath.

    He also sent a process server to go to all my neighbors and tell them that I was being served papers. That process server hunted me down for over a month. I work a lot so I was never home when she tried to serve me. That gave me many sleepless nights during that month because all my neighbors were coming up to me telling me that someone was trying to serve me papers. I knew that I had done nothing wrong to get someone to serve me papers. He had never sent me a letter in the mail to tell me what was going on in advance. His first effort without giving me a chance to volunteer to testify was to serve me papers to get me to testify against my will. Again it is extremely rare for a person to be supeonaed in a civil case. Yet, because Bill, in my opinion, has no morals, it didn't bother him that he had made my life hell by defaming my character to all my neighbors.

    When he finally got a hold of me, I figured out right away he wasn't owning up to the fact that they had made a mistake. And they wanted me to correct their mistake. I was so furious when I found the truth about why the process server had defamed my character for over a month.. To make matters worse, he and one of his staff threatened to throw me in jail if I didn't do exactly what they wanted. Knowing they would be throwing a completely innocent person in jail didn't bother Bill and his staff one bit. In my opinion, the person who should be thrown in jail is Bill and his staff. In my opinions they are criminals.

    I sent Bill two certified letters telling them not to contact me and I sent over 50 emails telling them not to contact me. And the next day Bill would always contact me out of complete disrespect, arrogance and selfishness. I couldn't sleep for four months over a case that was 100% caused by Bill Keeler's law firm's incompetence, in my opinion. Now you know why I think Bill Keeler is one of the most evil men I have ever encountered.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Trusts client

    all about taking your money and doing very little work on your side. Does not keep you updated on your case. Plays games

    Mr. Keeler told us we would not be liable for anything but our own attorneys fees but infact he joined us to a petition that held us responsible for over 100 grand of all the other partys fees. He filed responses we never agreed to or even signed just to rack up more charges. Mr. Keeler was all about the money rather then having a close bond with his clients or even standing up and showing compassion for a deceased individual who deserved justice! NOT TRUSTWORTHY! I do NOT reccomend and would NOT ever use again! Please research thoroughly before you just think because of his age and how long he has been practicing law he must be good at what he does.