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Bryan M Donahue

Bryan Donahue’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tozh


    I was very Impressed with Bryan on how FAST he worked for me and he didn't take any crap from the insurance company when they tried to give us the "run-a-around"!!

    He got Very FAST Results and I would defiantly recommend him to my family and friends!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by ERIC


    My name is Eric and I had the displeasure of meeting Brian at my arrainment last summer. Now when i say displeasure, I mean that in a good way. I was assalted in my home and because I defended myself, I too was arrested. I was coart appointed an atterny and Brian was it. He was a "yr. out of college and hungry" he said, and my eyes lit up. Finally someone with the stones, who hasn't turned to the dark side, that will fight for me and my constitutional rights. And that he did in every sence of the word. He was most professional, courteous, took no plee deals because he knew he had a winner in me, and best of all, WE WON!!. Over the coarse of a few months, Brian became my friend, and you don't say that about atternys much these days. At one time saying to my wife "I love this guy" because bein 49 yrs. young, and raised in old school values, he kind of looked up to my stubbureness for it. Brian even helped my daughter when she was having legal problems of her own, and i couldn't have appreciated him more for that. All the while I'm in Pennsylvania working for nine months, this is happening to me. So in closing if you ever need an atterny I sugest you hire this man, you'd be crazy not to. I would reccomend to any and everyone who needed an atterny for the problems like I went through. I would've liked to have met Brian under better circumstances, but it is what it was. If he ever needs a favor from me I'm just a phone call away and it would be my pleasure to help him in any way I could, I owe him that much. Brian, you keep up the hard work, your nose to the grind stone, and it'll pay off in the long run. Thanks again, ERIC

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Highly Recommend/Talented Trial Lawyer

    I recently found myself in need of an attorney who wasn't afraid to go to court and fight for me and my clean historical record. Bryan introduced himself to me while I was attempting to make my way through the hearing process -- I retained him on the spot. At court Bryan was thoroughly prepared and made well-thought and effective arguments on my behalf. I couldn't have been more pleased with his presence in court and professionalism. He is a talented trial lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone. I sense that Bryan is a rising star in trial law - bright, personable, knowledgeable, and effective. He brings a much-needed human touch to his attorney-client relationships.