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Sean P DuBois

About Sean DuBois

About me

I can't say that I always thought I'd be a lawyer, but I was certainly on the path to becoming one. I went to one of the top debate schools on a debate scholarship, so in hindsight, it seemed obvious that I would eventually be in a courtroom. But I saw a lot of my friends burn out at big law firms helping rich corporations get richer and realized that wasn't what I wanted to do. I wanted to know that what I was doing made a difference. I wanted to help people.


So I decided to pursue my love of nature and the outdoors, spending the better part of a decade living as simply as I could all over the West and then in Hawaii and Florida, where I worked as a research diver at Florida Atlantic University's Department of Ocean Engineering. And it was there that I saw how corporate greed was ruining the things I loved, and places I called home.


That's when I decided that I didn't have to work for large corporations. Instead, I could battle against them. And what better place than the insurance companies, right? It wasn't hard to see the pain and suffering they caused just because they had more money than everyone else, and wanted to keep that money, and even make more of it. I couldn't believe we could just let a company do that while people, just like me, were simply asking for what they deserved. No more, no less.


Early in law school, I went to work for some of the best personal injury attorneys in Oregon. Following admittance to the Oregon State Bar, I worked with a well-known senior personal injury attorney in Portland, and then formed my own practice, DuBois Law Office. While volunteering on a committee for the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA), I met Josh Shulman and we joined forces and formed Shulman DuBois LLC.

I love living in the Pacific Northwest with my family, and often take advantage of the outdoor opportunities the area provides, like free-diving and scuba diving on the Oregon Coast. And my wife and I and our children ski together every chance we get. We also travel to Sweden, where my wife was born and raised, to visit her family as often as possible.

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