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Diane L Gruber

Diane Gruber’s client reviews

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  • Diane Avoids the Drama, Gets the Job Done

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom and K

    Diane, while ingratiating, gets to the point; saving you Lawyer Fee Time. She's done this so any times, I felt secure in her "state of the art" guidance. She got my job done as comfortabley as she could; and that she does professionally with decades of helpful associations and a deep current knowledge base. She's the best you can get at any fee: she's thorough, complete, highly effective ... and she even seems to care !

    Diane is One of My 5 Most Top Professionals I have ever dealt with in my 60 Years of Life. She is superb, and Willl Steeer You Straight .... TomAnd K

  • Solid bankruptcy attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I engaged Diane Gruber to help me with a bankruptcy process. She was knowledgeable and competent in preparing the filings required. I would recommend her for similar projects.

  • Well Recommended !!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 11 client

    I found Diane very professional and she helped me every step of the way through a very traumatic time in my life. The whole process went smooth and her knowledge was invaluable.

    Diane L Gruber’s response: “This client had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.”
  • Diane Gruber review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Estate Planning client

    We had a very complicated estate case for my grandmother's estate. I had no experience at all and Diane helped me through the process and was with me 100% of the way. Other attorneys became involved because of the complications with the various parties and we had to go before a judge. The judge agreed with Diane's arguments.

    Diane was always organized and and supportive. She took care of me and made sure I knew what was happening every step of the way. I felt she genuinely cared about doing the right thing and she was very fair about her fees. I honestly felt I had a sincere ally - I have heard that some people have not trusted their lawyers for various reasons - I trusted Diane 100% and I still trust her now. She is an honest person, intelligent and forthright. I am thankful she was with me through this difficult process. Also, she has a pleasant personality and is extremely easy to work with.

    Diane L Gruber’s response: “This was a challenging probate for two reasons: 1) Just months after we started this probate, one of the heirs passed away. Then, THAT probate estate sued OUR probate estate claiming they were the rightful owners of a certain asset. The judge ruled in our favor. 2) One of the heirs owed the deceased a lot of money and there were signed notes. Since this heir would not cooperate, we had to hire a collections attorney to get a judgment against him. Then, this judgment was subtracted from the amount that this heir (judgment debtor) got when the probate funds were distributed. But, I had a personable, intelligent client to work with, so everything went smoother than expected.”
  • It wasn't what I's what I didn't!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shirley

    I have worked with many attorneys in my work, but have little experience regarding personal issues. Diane Gruber was just what I was looking for...someone who was easy to talk with, knew the questions to ask me so I could clarify in my mind just what I wanted to do and answered the questions I already knew I had.

    I wanted to have a will that would protect and provide for an elderly parent should something happen to me, but also address a sibling with poor money handling ability. It's a lot easier when all you want is to have things divided up! It becomes more difficult when you need an executor who might need to be involved for a number of years. Ms. Gruber was able to help me simplify my thinking and arrive at a plan I was very comfortable with and accomplished the things that were important to me.

    The whole process took 2 office visits (initial and for signing) and a couple of revisions made by phone and email. Actually quite quick and painless.

    I would, and have, referred friends to Ms. Gruber.

  • I would recommend Diane gruber too any one thinking of going through bankruptcy.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    The best of the best, she was their when no one else was and I need help more than anything, thank you so much.

  • **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED** Diane Gruber ~ A very competent attorney in the Portland Oregon Metro Area

    5.0 stars

    Posted by KK

    I went to see Mrs. Gruber because my eX-husband took me to court for custody of our children. His main intent was to lower his child support. I didn't want to go to court in the first place but working with Diane helped alot. She is very competent and incredibly knowledgeable.

    When we first met, we discussed the case in a more factual sense rather than "he said, she said" which was what I really needed. I didn't realize it at the time, but that approach kept me from getting too emotionally upset. We did a pretty thorough overview and Diane started taking care of all the paperwork that needed to be filed and contacting my X's attorney. It took a few months before we went to court.

    About 1-3 weeks before court, I met with Diane more often to start a more thorough preparation for court. Diane asked me a lot of questions and reviewed alot, which told me she had really listened in all of our previous conversations. She was 100% prepared by the time we went to court. She was aggresive and professional which really makes her valuable in any case. She covered EVERYTHING in court that I thought was important to cover. She was very clear to explain different scenarios that came up when I didn't understand. This is the first time I had been to court, so I had no idea what to expect. Diane kept me informed through it all.

    I really felt like we were a team and she had my back! It gave me a confidence that everyone needs when going through something like this. The Judges decision was fair and understandable. My eX-husband didn't get everything he wanted. This was due to the fact of how Diane handled herself in the courtroom. She was totally responsive when negative issues came up from the other attorney; she always dealt with these right away and called witnesses or presented evidence to the judge to prove the information wasn't completely correct or honest.

    I can't say enough of how prepared Diane was and how on the ball she was. She has years of experience too, and that experience shows in her commitment to handling your case!

    Diane Gruber is an awesome attorney! If anything ever comes up again in my life and I need an attorney, I'll be calling Mrs. Gruber!

  • Review Diane L Gruber

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane

    Diane handled my parents respective wills and probates. They passed away unexpectedly and within days of each other. It was a difficult and confusing time for me, but Diane guided me step by step and she completed the numerous legal requirements in a timely, pleasant and professional manner. I enjoyed interacting with her.

  • hard worker

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    I had a very hard person to deal with after his wife died. Diane helped me through some court issues and for 2-3 years she went over and beyond helping me deal with this person.

  • Unprofessional Representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I retained Diane Gruber for Bankruptcy Representation. She did not want to listen to any of my concerns and pushed hard towards a quick bankruptcy. I took my time, looked at all of my options and was able to settle with my creditors and Tax agents to avoid bankruptcy. I received many letters from Diane Gruber pushing the bankruptcy and giving me a deadline to complete. I notified her office that I was looking at other options, but bankruptcy was not off the table. I then offered to give her 500 out of the 900 paid (contract was for 500.00, she asked for more), asked for a refund of 400 and she replied with “I’m scared” and claims she is not only entitled to the entire 900.00 but more… She did not represent my case to the trustee or court; she simply filled out a template that was never submitted. Following up with a small claims case.

    Diane L Gruber’s response: “This Client, Terry, first met with me on 2/3/10 to discuss a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. On 2/15/10 he hired my office to represent him in this process. The retainer agreement he signed had a total attorney fee of $4500. He gave us the normal down payment of $500. We prepared all the necessary documents (45-50 pages) the next day and invited Terry in to sign them. After a few emails back & forth in March/April, we did not hear from him until 8/18/10 when he called to inform us that he had lost his job (which made him ineligible for a Chapter 13) and wanted to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. On 11/9/10 Terry dropped in to get a Chapter 7 started. Our total fee was $1300 and I gave him FULL credit for the $500 previously paid. On 11/9/10 he gave me another $400 and said he would be back in a few days to sign the Chapter 7 petition. On 11/12/10 I emailed him to invite him to come in to sign it. On 2/28/11 he called my assistant and told her he still wanted to proceed with the Chapter 7. On 4/7/11 I sent letters to all my current clients, including Terry, stating that I would be retiring at the end of 2011. This letter told him that his bankruptcy petition would need to be filed no later than 9/15/11 because the court keeps cases open 3 months. If I retired my law license would have become inactive on 1/1/12. [I have since decided not to retire, just practice part-time.] Terry did not contact us. The next time I heard from him was 10/17/11, via email, wherein he said he had changed his mind and did not want to file bankruptcy. He wanted a refund. I advised him that all the fee received had been fully earned given the fact that we had TWICE prepared bankruptcy petitions at HIS request. When a person hires an attorney, legal ethics require that attorney to handle the legal matter "in a timely fashion." At his request we timely prepared all documents necessary to first file a Chapter 13, then to file a Chapter 7. The fact that Terry changed his mind does not negate the amount of work that was done FOR him, at HIS request. Terry knows that; therefore, he never filed a small claims case. I have handled over 1500 bankruptcy cases and can count on one hand the number of unhappy clients I have had. My fees are modest compared to other attorneys in the area; I handle the cases promptly; rarely make mistakes (& correct all errors at no extra cost to the client) and have had ONLY 2 cases rejected by the bankruptcy trustee. Diane L. Gruber”