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Squire M Bozorth

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  • I would hire him again

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Mr. Bozorth was tremendous in helping me with my case. He was responsive to any questions or concerns I had, he stayed on top of things and was very professional. Things looked bleak, but Mr. Bozorth didn't judge me for being in the position that I was in. Instead, he approached it like it was his job and he was able to get my case wrapped up with a resolution I can live with. Now I can go on living my life.

  • A Great Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J.P

    In 1996 during a work trip in Portland I received a DUII by the OSP. Unfortunately for me living out of state at the time it was difficult to travel back and forth to Oregon to deal with my DUII, so I just stayed out of Oregon. Flash forward 15 years, during one of my weekly overnight visits to Oregon from Wa I was pulled over again by Portland Police and I received yet another DUII, in addition the old one came back to haunt me.
    After interviewing quite a few DUI lawyers a friend recommended Squire. Squire helped me through both of the DUII's, including getting the 2nd one dropped.
    The fact that I didn't deal with the first DUII for 15 years the state wanted to really throw the book at me (understandable). One would think the OSP would of trashed all of my records after 15 years and the officer would of retired. They had everything as if it happened yesterday and the officer was still employed by OSP they even had the VCR dash cam tape!
    Squire was able to get me less than 1 day in a holding cell, min fines along with some type of "absconding" charge dropped. During this whole process Squire kept me and my family in the loop returning email's and calls promptly.

  • I am someone that has been wrongfully accused

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leslee

    I was wrongfully accused and held in the most inhumane jail for fifteen 15 days- this also being my first time In jail, they were not going To release me until my court date a month later! Squire. Showed up on? a Saturday**at the jail, and kept his word and I was released within a few days! He is F-ing awesome!!!!!