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You are going through a difficult time!

Posted by: Ivan, a Divorce client about 1 year ago.

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Kept me informed

I recommend Kevin Adaniya

I hired Kevin 1-3 years ago.

Kevin handled my Divorce / Separation matter.

I have previously worked with no lawyers.

Kevin's professional and business approach gave me peace of mind. We settled my case fast and he saved me more than 60%. I got what I wanted and he looked out for my best interest (my kids and my future). I called 3 lawyers before I met with Kevin and he explained to me the process (even though I did not know what i was getting into). I hired Kevin because I trusted him. I mean everybody has issues that are different and unique but Kevin's responsibility, experience and guidance made me feel good inside. I am not saying divorce is easy process but looking back on my experience I am glad Kevin helped me legally, financially and emotionally. I went on the internet for answers and advice. Just met with Kevin face to face and decide for yourself, because sooner or later you will need a professional attorney who represents your situation and works out all the details. Good luck!