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Douglas Lee Gardner

Douglas Gardner’s Client Reviews

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  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    No better then a Public Defender

    Attorney did not look at my case well enough to make a good enough plea bargain for the DA. Mr. Gardner was an hour late and I was attended to at the very last. I received 3 months DUI classes 20 days jail and 10 community service days for a first offense DUI with no criminal background whatsoever. The others who had the same charges as me were getting less then my sentence with their public defender. It could be circumstantial but I was very disappointed. He was very responsive and informative throughout my entire case which was a good quality. His actions just needed to speak louder then his words.

    Douglas Lee Gardner’s response: “Not all DUI cases are the same. Although there is an effort on the part of the court and prosecution to treat them with consistency there are aggravating factors which cause the DA to expect additional penalties, such as accidents, high blood alcohol levels, bad driving, and other potential charges, whether filed or not, which could have been charged. Douglas L. Gardner”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nick

    Good Trial Attorney

    My case was a DUI case and attorney Douglas Gardner handled my case very professionally, though I agree that he was late few times due to being caught in the other city court house, he was very skilled and proficient once he started talking and arguing my case.

    He did not agree with the prosecutor on the sentencing and the hearing was turned over into a mini trial.

    As expected he was very forceful with his questioning and very professional, I would highly recommend him and give him 5 star for being a knowledgeable and dynamic attorney.

    Douglas Lee Gardner’s response: “Thank you, Douglas L. Gardner”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Check him out to make sure he is right for your case

    This person was 2 hours late for each court appearance. The DA attorneys made jokes about him in the court room regarding his attendance. He was even late for pre aggranged phone conferences. He never knew what was going on with the case. For example he could not find important informaiton in the case file. It was like he was looking at the file for the first time. I feel like he just wants to collect his fees without doing any work. On the first court date I thought he was to friendly with the DA. I recently found out the he worked for 20 years as a DA and has only been on his own for 3 years. So this explains his lack of preformance in my case. I do not think that he is trustworthy, after a meeting with the DA, we left out of the building and spoke about what transpired, when I was leaving, I saw him going back into the the DA's office. I thought that was strange. I am looking for a new attorney to represent me before the next court date.