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My name is Michael Phillips and in my 25 years as a courtroom lawyer I have dedicated my career to fighting for fairness and justice for the ‘little guy’. I am very proud of the fact that I have always represented families and individuals, never big insurance companies or the government. It was Clarence Darrow that said, “Real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trail lawyers, try cases to juries!”.  If you have been hurt because of no fault of your own or face criminal charges, you need a lawyer that has real experience in the courtroom. I have that experience. After a judicial clerkship for a trial judge, I have tried over 75 jury trials to verdict and countless judge trials. The Constitution’s guarantee of the right to trial by jury- is one of our most important rights. Phillips Law Offices is a boutique trial litigation law firm that represents individuals and families throughout Nevada County, Placer County and surrounding communities. Because we are a small litigation law firm, we take only a select number of cases at any one time. The reason we limit the number of cases is so we can strive to provide unparalleled personal service.


Criminal Defense: At the core, if the “Rule of Law” means anything, it means that every citizen has the right to be protected against the government by the Constitution and the laws of the state. Clients are human after all and are good people, most of whom have never been arrested before and they deserve to be treated fairly regardless of what happened. I am in court almost every day fighting for our clients to see that they are treated fairly and to assure that justice is on their side. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to have an attorney who will tell their story with passion and conviction. I believe, persuasive and effective courtroom results are the result of sensitivity to uniqueness of each case, human experiences and bringing them into the courtroom using carefully-drawn legal strategies.


Personal Injury: Our philosophy is simple: as good citizens, we take personal responsibility for our actions in our daily lives, and we recognize our duty to hold ourselves responsible for any harm our actions may cause our neighbors. Unfortunately, when someone is seriously hurt because of no fault of their own, often times they find large insurance companies put profits ahead of their responsibility to the people they insure, who have in good faith paid premiums to cover their negligent actions. When this happens we are here to help.


When a family member has suffered serious injury or even death, because of another’s reckless behavior or negligence, justice demands that large corporations, insurance companies and individuals be held fully accountable. When insurance companies offer ‘low ball’ settlements, reduce the claim or even deny any coverage, feel free to call us and we will give you an honest appraisal of the matter and explain your options. No ‘legalese’- just plain talk. Also, we know how important a ‘good fit’ is and if we are not the best attorney for you, we will do our utmost to refer you to the person who is.


We handle all types of personal injury cases with a focus on vehicle injury and elder abuse. Feel free to call me with any questions you may have at 530-265-0186.


Warm regards,


Michael Phillips






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