Dorsett Michael Phillips

Dorsett Michael Phillips

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About Me 

My name is Michael Phillips, and in my 18+ years as an attorney I have 
dedicated my legal career to fighting for justice and fairness for "the 
little guy ". I take pride in the fact I have never represented insurance 
companies, big business, or prosecuted individuals so as to put them in 
jail. I am passionate about your case and committed to obtaining justice 
and results for you.

To that end, I have assembled a dedicated team of lawyers and staff 
committed to my vision of criminal justice through ethical, aggressive 
courtroom advocacy to protect your rights.
I have extensive jury trial and courtroom experience and bring a 
"no holds barred" approach to the courtroom. Using skilled, 
passionate, and carefully-drawn legal strategies, I am pleased to say we 
have achieved remarkable results for our clients. I believe, persuasive 
and effective courtroom presentations are the result of sensitivity to 
uniqueness of each case, human experiences and bringing them into 
the courtroom.

The firm works closely with outstanding forensic experts and private 
investigators, many of whom have a federal and state law enforcement 
background. These resources and the skills of our experienced lawyers 
have resulted in numerous not guilty jury verdicts.

My firm takes on tough cases no one else will. Therefore, if you want 
an attorney who returns your phone calls, gives you straight advice 
and fights for you, give us a call. We have a full-time professional staff 
to serve you.