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Kaushik Shakti Ranchod

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kismeiry

    N336 appeal for U.S. citizen

    i recently apply for my U.S. citizen. After I passed the test the officer started asking me question about my marriage, I was divorced at the time. She ask me for proof of my marriage I sent it; I still got a denial letter saying that I misrepresented my application for permanent resident. I was very upset and googled information about it, a lot of people were skeptical about the appealing. I found Ranchod law group and spoke with mister Kaushik; he explained what we could do and I decided to hire them. Melissa was who filled all the paperwork and then at the time of the hearing Emma went with. They all know what they doing, Melissa and Emma always kept in contact with me so answer any question I had. Some days ago I had my citizenship approved and I'm just waiting on a date to take the oath to finally become a U.S. Citizen. I could not thank them enough and would highly recommend them to anyone, actually if I'm involved on any other immigration issue or any one I know, this is the place I would go

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pratik

    Great Service

    I was very delighted with the service that Ranchod Law Group provided me for my wife's immigration status. I was very pleased that everything worked out as fast as it did. Emma did a fantastic job at guiding and reassuring us throughout the whole process with any questions that we had. We both look forward to working with you again in the future to remove the 2 year restrictions and to complete the final steps.

    Thank again for all you help and support.

    Pratik & Monica

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    Experienced J-1 Waiver Attorney

    We cannot thank Ranchod Law Group enough for their help and successfully getting our J-1 waiver case approved. The benefits of this success are immense and without that, my family and I could have been separated for two years.

    I found Ranchod Law Group after a long search and contacting about two-dozen different lawyers (including some very famous law firms in the nation) over a course of more than 6 months.

    Our case was a "J-1 Waiver" (NOT based on No Objection Statement). This kind of case is exceedingly rare and is one of the most difficult cases in all of the immigration law. Most general immigration lawyers will not handle a J-1 waiver case because of the complexities involved. I did hours and hours of research on the internet on this subject and tried to find lawyers that have experience in this type of case. It's my finding that there are definitely not more than a handful that have "good experience" in this kind of case. Without a doubt, Ranchod Law Group is one of them.

    The most difficult part of this search is that, unfortunately, there are some general immigration lawyers with no experience in this kind of case that will take it for a fee regardless. When they lose because of lack of experince, they blame the inevitable defeat on the government. I tried to make sure they have first-hand experience of handling such cases by asking several specific questions in the first consultation call I had. The other problem is that some of those experienced attorneys charge very unreasonably outrageous fees given the rare nature of these cases.

    During my first phone call, I spoke with Michael and understood that they have a professional team in the office. We made an appointment to have a consultation with Kaushik and ask my questions. During my inteview and based on my experience of talking to about two-dozen lawyers, I could feel that Kaushik is very professional and more importantly has good experiences in this type of case. Another positive point of our first discussion is that he was also completely upfront and honest about no guarantees in any difficult cases like this. He also provided me with a very reasonable fee for the level of difficulty of this case compared to general immigration cases.

    This kind of application required a lot of work, both on our part and the attorney's part. We mainly worked with Melissa, the associate attorney who was very dedicated in preparing the case. She was very knowledgeable about what we should do to present our case in its best form and during the 3 months of case preparation process, she answered my various questions regarding the details very efficiently. This process did not take longer than the timeline that Kaushik had initially sketched.

    I also found Kaushik to be really professional and patient. Due to a misunderstanding of the process on our side, we developed some concerns and contacted Kaushik to express our concern. He listened to my concern with patience, responded very calmly and told me that he will follow up. We were later contacted by Melissa and she explained the missunderstanding and we were really grateful for their professional and respectful behaviour and customer service.

    The only thing that was less than a really perfect experience was that a few times our phone appointments were missed by staff and we had to call them to remind about our appointment.

    Again, we are incredibly grateful to the Ranchod Law Group for all their help and quality service, and will definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a J-1 waiver.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    Green card approved

    Kaushik and his team at Ranchod Law have helped me with all of my work visa applications for the last 7 years, they were especially helpful after I got married and decided to apply for my green card. The team at Ranchod Law went to great lengths to prepare my documents, guide me through the application process, and answer any questions or concerns I had. I am very happy with the assistance they have provided over the years, and the personal interactions with Kaushik and his team.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ian

    Adjustment of Status

    We could not have been happier that we selected Ranchod Law Group. We felt that all communications were timely and clear. You (Emma) always responded timely, spoke in a language that we understood (not too much legal jargon), and were always patient with our 5 million questions and emails. We always felt so comfortable, and also that you cared about us and our situation. For you guys this could be just business - for us this is our life and happiness. We always felt that you knew that, and were compassionate and patient.

    We also felt that the rates were very reasonable, clear, and upfront (no surprises!)

    We are very grateful, and feel very blessed to have your group (and specifically Emma) represent us.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chetan

    Green Card Processing

    My wife and I are thrilled to receive our Green Cards after a long journey. Kaushik and Harry from the Ranchod Law Group have been instrumental in this process. They have done a fantastic job with everything related to our Green Card, EAD filings and RFE responses. They have been extremely professional with the correspondences, advice and meticulous with the paperwork. I would not hesitate to reach out to them again if I ever need any further immigration related assistance. I would rate their service as excellent and will definitely recommend them to friends and family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Checo

    Highly recomended trustworthy lawyer

    From the beginning, Kaushik was always available to reply to any of my questions in a very timely and professional manner. I also know, he works with very high ethical standards, making him a trustworthy lawyer. I'd highly recommend him to others.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Kaushik Ranchod Review

    Kaushik recently offered to speak about Immigration Law to my organization. He has been providing legal council to my company for several years now. The topic of discussion was Physician Visa's. The presentation was excellent! Kaushik is an incredibly sharp guy, that appears to be an endless source of information on the topic. What was most impressive was his ability to take a complex topic, and present it in a way that was clear and concise. His presentation was engaging and informative. I would highly recommend his services. He has been an asset to our company, and as it turns out, is an excellent presenter as well.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by R.A. Down

    Terrific Immigration Lawyer

    I can’t thank Kaushik and his team enough for helping reunite me with my wife and son after 16 months of separation. When I came to Kaushik to handle my wife’s I-601 and I-212 waiver packet, we had just fired our previous lawyer. Our previous lawyer was terrible at communicating with us. In fact, there were times when there was no communication – no return phone calls or email responses.
    With Kaushik and his team, it was the complete opposite. Kaushik and Chris were available and timely in their responses whenever I had any questions or concerns. The number one complaint against lawyers in this country is not poor quality of work but failing to communicate with their client. I can honestly say, communication was definitely NOT a problem with Kaushik or Chris.
    The waiver packet itself was completed with the highest degree of quality and professionalism. Just as important, the waiver presented the best arguments effectively. All this resulted in the waiver being approved easily and my family and I reunited.
    I would definitely recommend Kaushik to anyone looking for a good immigration lawyer. Thanks again Kaushik and Chris!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Martin

    Great immigration lawyer

    It has been a pleasure to work with Kaushik Ranchod and his team, from a professional and personal aspect.
    I always got instant response to my questions during the application progress for a greencard and with their help I received the greencard within the estimated time. It has been great to have such a knowledgeable team involved in such an important matter.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Ranchod Law Group to my friends.