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  1. Evidence 101

    Written by attorney Kresta Daly, 4 months ago.

    Clients often have great ideas about evidence to use at trial. Other times, clients have questions about the rules of evidence. This guide is the first in a series that will hopefully give people som

  2. Tips For Picking A Laywer

    Written by attorney Kresta Daly, 5 months ago.

    Practical tips for picking the best lawyer to represent you. What Questions Should You Ask A Laywer Before Deciding To Hire That Person? There is no such thing as a dumb question. Hiring a lawyer, es

  3. When Sexual Addiction Leads to Sex Crimes

    Written by attorney Kresta Daly, about 2 years ago.

    When the internet first began to emerge in the 1990s it brought with it endless possibilities for progress and new development.Unfortunately it also brought with it equally endless possibilities for new crimes and new addictions. Sexual and internet addiction is increasingly be...

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