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Joseph Salvatore Farina

Joseph Farina’s Legal Guides

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  • Child Molestation in California: Surviving Your Worst Nightmare

    If you are accused of or arrested for child molestation, be prepared for your worst nightmare to come true. Your life will turned upside down and you will enter a world that can best be described as Dante's "Inferno". Long time friends will disappear and your relatives will look at you differently.

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  • Child Molestation in California: What happens once I'm arrested and charged with child molestation

    5. Arraignment So now you've posted the appropriate bail and been given a piece of paper informing you of your first court date. This date iscalled an arriagnment. On this date you will be appear before a judge and will be read the charges. You will then be aske...

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  • Child Molestation: What do I do if I'm arrested and charged with child molestation?

    You've been arrested for child molestation. Now what happens?

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