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Daniel Nathan Ballard

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Sacramento patent attorney and trademark, copyright, e-commerce attorney.  Daniel Ballard serves as outside corporate counsel for small to medium-sized businesses. In addition to general business transactional advice, he focuses on providing intellectual property advice and, if necessary, litigation and proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. As a patent attorney, he works to protect clients' intellectual property assets through patent, trademark, and copyright registrations. 


Please do not contact Mr. Ballard for legal assistance because he is not accepting new clients. Thank you.


You can view Mr. Ballard's Twitter stream at @Ballard_IP ( http://twitter.com/Ballard_IP ) and his document library at Scribd.com ( http://www.scribd.com/dnball ).


Under California Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400 this profile and any responses to questions on the Avvo Q&A forum may constitute a "communication" concerning the availability of professional employment.  As such, please consider all of this information a SOLICITATION for employment.