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Dana Botello’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rashid

    Hard situation made easy

    By the mercy of God, I was introduced to Dana while in the midst of a VERY stressful situation. This introduction was during an event where many people were attending. In spite of all the distractions, I immediately felt very comfortable with her. We set an appointment and during this meeting her knowledge of the issue came through. We walked through the paperwork and the entire process. Over the next few months she was extremely professional, helpful, thorough, and due to her efforts this difficult situation became easy. I would recommend her to both friends and family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pia

    Dana is very smart, knowledgeable and listened to my needs as her client

    Dana helped me with my divorce case. She is very smart, knowledgeable and listened to my needs. She has a friendly demeanor which is important to me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jose

    Ms. Botello helped me win full legal and physical custody of my two sons

    Hi my name is Jose. Ms. Botello has help me greatly, She has transformed my life and the life of my sons when it seemed everything was against me. Before I hired Ms. Botello I was fighting custody of my two sons for six years. I hired an attorney but he was too expensive, it seem as he was draining me for what little money I had. I then decided to fight custody without hiring an attorney. however I was only granted 50/50 custody. I was really unhappy because I knew that I should have been granted full legal and physical custody. I knew the judge order was due to the fact that I was unfamiliar with law and because i did not know how to represent my case.
    A neighbor referred me to Ms. Botello. She told me she was a really good attorney and when I met her I knew she would put her heart and soul into my case. I knew she was willing to take my case not to make a buck but because after reviewing my case she wanted to put my sons in a safe home and give them a brighter future. I was still unsure if she would take my case because the opposite party were involve with drugs and gangs ( one of them was even caught with a handgun a few months before I hired her). when I met her she seem really nice and loving, however when she was interrogating the opposite party she did not let that intimidate her; she was BOLD, PRECISE AND STRATEGIC. another thing that I loved about Ms. Botello was that she always explained to me the different outcomes that could happen with my case ( she wasn't blowing smoke up my face). When I needed to get a hold of her she always returned my phone calls no later than 24 hours; this greatly decreased my stress. I'm sure you guys know how good it feels to receive a return call from your attorney after you have a million things going through your mind regarding the case. During this time I was working and going to school; she also always made arrangements to meet me, even when I knew it was really inconvenient for her. Dana also did an excellent job in gathering up evidence for my case and presenting to the judge. Because of her hard work and dedication I was granted FULL LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY OF BOTH OF MY SONS!
    Danna Botello has done so much for me and I will forever be greatful to her. She has been a huge blessing in my life and her hard work will forever impact the lives of my two sons who are now in a safe home, are going to a really good school, and are surrounded by positive people. Thank you Ms. Botello for all your hard work!
    Danna, we love you and we will always be thankful for all your help. Thank you for bringing peace into my life again and for taking my case despite my circumstances.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    Handled several legal matters & will return in the future

    Ms. Botello can be relied upon for any matter where she is knowledgeable. In those matters where she may not have the experience, she will seek out the answers and will confer with other qualified attorneys for answers, analysis, and guidance. She has displayed high moral and ethical standards, is sensitive to the needs of her clients and will go beyond what is considered the norm.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michele

    Highly recommended

    Ms. Botello has been extremely helpful in my very complicated divorce case. She has stayed in touch with me about the best ways to fill out forms, to serve my ex-husband, to use evidence in court (and to gather more). She has shared with me interesting cases that might shed light on my own, and in staying in touch with me, Ms. Botello has encouraged me to feel like I can take an active role in my case (because I want to be helpful and feel like I am doing something!) -- while knowing that she has done a great job, and I don't need to worry about the case.

    In fact, Ms. Botello has represented me in court twice -- and though I walked in very nervous about my case (as I suspect most people do in divorce cases) -- I was immediately much more at ease when I saw how intelligently Ms. Botello addressed the judge on both occasions, and how well she represented the facts of the case, and requested what I wanted.

    I would highly recommend working with her -- and I have recommended her to a few friends, who have all been very happy with her work.