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Trevor L Hensley

Trevor Hensley’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Gopal

    Lawyer Par Excellence

    It isn’t often that one comes across someone who can be totally trusted with your innermost feelings in dealing with a situation that deals with the life of a young child and the imminent breakup of what you considered was a reasonable longstanding married life. Your mouth is dry, words hardly can express your most harrowing involvement and you stumble and falter in explaining your side of the events that lead to the meeting with the legal expert. And there I was talking to Mr. Trevor Hensley desperately hoping to get a representation that would guide me out of my misery. Divorce isn’t fun.

    The opportunity to write about your legal chaperon is rare and I write this with no hesitation at all because truth is truth; no matter who says it under what circumstance. Here is an attorney with total professional veracity and someone who puts you at ease with his affable demeanor and attentiveness to your presentation of the case. He was so reassuring that I felt like I was discussing my situation to a sibling, albeit with a high level of legal familiarity and situation awareness. He gave me constructive guidance on how to present my case to the Court Moderator - to be honest and emphasize only my capacity as a father and husband - and was even there at the court to encourage me right before the hearing! What a stupendous legal confidante.

    This is December and the week of Christmas – a time for joy and peace; and that is exactly what he afforded me. I would reach out to Mr. Trevor Hensley and/or his organization Herrig & Vogt for any of my family related issues in the future.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kirsten

    I would highly recommend him for any family law issues.

    I had a recent child custody dispute with my former spouse after my visitation rights were being withheld based on an alleged violation of our court order which turned out to be erroneous. I sought legal consultation from Mr. Hensley and he provided me several options, including both retaining his services and how to proceed in pro per. Mr. Hensley basically informed me that although he was readily available to assist me, and his rates were quite reasonable, he felt that my problem was minor enough that I also might not have to spend all the money that it would cost to achieve the result I desired. I elected to proceed on my own using his advice and guidance, and the information he conveyed during our consultation proved invaluable. Ironically, I happened to run into him at the courthouse on the day I was there for my appearance and he kindly assisted me with my hearing. I was awarded custody of my children and it would not have been possible with Mr. Hensley’s advice, guidance and professional demeanor. He is a well-informed and knowledgeable family lawyer, a strong and trustworthy advocate with great courtroom demeanor who litigates with aggression, empathy and reason. I would highly recommend him for any family law issues.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Highly recommended

    Mr. Hensley was extremely professional and helpful. I really enjoyed working with him and appreciated his input on my custody/visitation case. He was consistently prompt to return my calls and emails, and helped to put me at ease when I was extremely nervous about the outcome.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Daniel


    I was going through a very bad custody and property battle with my ex wife who was in control of my estate- he told me he would be able to get me to back in and also I'd be able to get custody of my children. After almost a year of divorce proceedings we didn't get anywhere. He views his clients as a pocketbook. I nearly spent over $20K and nothing was resolved. I had to take my case somewhere else. DO NOT HIRE THIS LAWYER UNLESS YOU GOT MONEY TO SPARE!

    Trevor L Hensley’s response: “I apologize for your bad experience. I reviewed the information you gave in your statement in an effort to recall your particular case. The facts of your case do not match the facts of my past or present cases.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Elaine

    Trevor L Hensley is a wonderful Lawyer!

    I highly recommend Trevor! From day one, he put me at ease in what was a very devastating time in my life. And despite the unique circumstances surrounding my case, not once was I ever doubtful or worried. I knew Trevor was on my side and had my best interests at heart, always!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Trevor's review:

    Trevor Hensley has been very helpful and caring in regards to my daughters family court case. He not only communicates effectively Trevor is a man with a big heart,integrity, and has shown that he's not afraid to stand up for whats right. He is also very passionate about standing by his client which I've found to be rare in my dealings with other lawyers; in addition I feel Trevor Hensley is a god send to my family ,and I would highly recommend him to anyone !