Mr. Clark has shown the up-most professionalism during his time working with us. With his mixture of personality and attention to detail he has given us the confidence and comfort to move forward under the most difficult of circumstances. This familiarity normally would only be found in that of a close friend or family member. He has exceeded our expectations in every way with his work ethic, flexibility, and willingness to go the extra mile. Jim's vast knowledge of the law and self confidence are both reaffirming and quite contagious. He has continuously gone above and beyond with his ability to accommodate us in more ways than could be expected, which supersedes that of any other attorney. Having an attorney like Jim has given us the comfort, confidence, and strength to move forward with confidence during uncertain and troublesome times. We want to use this opportunity to thank Mr. Clark for demonstrating his extensive knowledge of the law, personal care/vested interest, work ethic, and his unique style mixed with just the right personality.
It has been a real privilege and pleasure seeing him work, and it has made our experience one worth remembering. Goes without saying, Clark is the number one shark!