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Justin C. Lowenthal

About Justin Lowenthal

About me

Mr. Lowenthal is a business and real estate attorney in Davis, California. He is the principal attorney with Lowenthal, APC.


As a business attorney, Mr. Lowenthal has represented entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies at every stage of development, from early-stage start-ups to global corporations, as well as the investors that finance and advise them. With a focus on serving Northern California - one of the largest technology hubs in the world - Mr. Lowenthal primarily represents small to midsized companies as outside general counsel. The range of legal services he offers includes business entity formation, early-stage fundraising, later-stage finance, IP registration and protection, internal and external contract negotiation and preparation, internet and other industry-specific agreements, internal dispute resolution, sales and acquisitions, and much more. Although Mr. Lowenthal's services are typically offered in a supportive and preventative context, he also represents his clients after the fact in complex business litigation matters, including contract disputes, business separations, shareholder rights, fraud, conversions, and other torts.


As a real estate attorney, Mr. Lowenthal has assisted individual property owners, trusts and estates, asset managers, and investors with a variety of legal matters, including, but not limited to, co-ownership matters, zoning and land use, sales and acquisitions, taxation, loans and finance, and syndicated projects. As a real estate broker, Mr. Lowenthal also assists clients with the purchase and sale of real property through Lowenthal Realty - a unique real estate brokerage in Davis, California. More information about Lowenthal Realty and Mr. Lowenthal's brokerage services may be found at


In addition to his career as an attorney, Justin is an entrepreneur and investor himself, a volunteer, a husband and a father.

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