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Kristy Anne Hernandez

About Kristy Hernandez

About me

In 2004 Kristy founded the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez which now has
offices in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Kristy began her legal career in real
estate litigation. Early on, her practice focused on assisting real estate
investors purchase homes at foreclosure auction, manage their real estate
investments and evict non-paying tenants. Along the way, Kristy realized that
she would rather use her real estate litigation background to help homeowners
stay in their homes and get out debt, rather than assist investors in beefing up
their bottom line. With this fundamental change in outlook, Kristy started
taking on more bankruptcy and consumer rights cases, and the current law firm
was created from that foundation.


Having a background in foreclosure and real estate litigation has proven
incredibly timely since the decline in the real estate market where attorneys
knowledgeable about the foreclosure process were in short supply but greatly
needed. Kristy’s real estate background has enabled her to stay on the cutting
edge of new law created to help the public get out of debt. Since 2004 Kristy
has assisted hundreds of clients in debt relief cases and is a passionate
advocate for consumer rights. Kristy has also helped countless families modify
their home loans or wipe out second mortgages, helping hard-working people keep
the dream of home ownership alive.

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