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Mark Corwin Bruce

Mark Bruce’s client reviews

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  • He Just didn't care about my case

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired Mr. Bruce to deal with my divorce and custody issues. It was and is a very serious matter because my ex husband is extremely abusive. He didn't hit me or our children . What he did was worse . I have read a lot on emotional Abuse and I know there is plenty of information about it . I assume a family law attorney has to have some idea about verbal, financial abd psychological abuse because its a huge problem in society.
    He was very sympathetic and interested when I went to himfor a free consultation. He spoke with authority and put a positive spin on all of this , assuring me we couldn't lose.. I wasn't thinking straight, which is not unusual for an emotionally abused woman. I just saw that he cost less than other lawyers and he seemed concerned about children me . I wish I asked around before. Instead I paid him then I closed the gate after the horses got out.
    Naturally, things are very scary when you're in a divorce, and my husband made sure to hire a big shot. When we had a hearing , i wasnt sure what I thought of my attorney's performanc . I could tell he was not prepare--the judge was annoyed by him and said so . That day we lost and after court , I tried to get Mr. bruce to explain what was going on. He rolled his eyes and barked at me ysing terms ai disnt understand. Later when I tried to call with questions about my case, he made it clear us had no time for me. I know heis busy and I can be a littlle dense , but happened every time I called or we had court. I think he got hostile becaise he told me I was bothering him. He was losing my kids to an abusive monster and wasnt gping to tell what was going on?
    I started to ask around about this lawyer and no one had any thing positive to say . He is rude, incompetent, disorganized , sexist ,mand all kinds of things people told me . I jave a cousin who works in the court house and she made it clear that the judges just didnt like my lawyer. That doesnt seem very fair to Mr. Bruce or his clients
    .Youre hoping things are more honest in situations like this but at this point I didn't like my lawyer mucb either. He didnt look me in the eye . He always seemed mad and I could not get a strught answer . He told me he was going to charge me hunreds of dollars to talk on the phone because I used up all the free lawyer time. I can tell you it was not free. It took up time, cost me plenty and all he did was make things worse. I just decided I was better off on my own.
    a hold of him.

  • Few Lawyers are as willing to go that extra mile

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chance La Rue

    I think being a lawyer us much harder than it looks.i know a lot of lawyers and most are worried about the money, and i get that because you're dealong with folks who are in trouble and not allmof the, are honest . But this guy was eager to help. He was an advocate as much as hevwas avlawyer. He wants believe you are innocent, and thats refreshing when you really are snd my ex had me painted as one cold, hard beeeatchh.