Jason Lewison et al. v. Gergorio Orozco et al.

Patrik Griego

Case Conclusion Date:June 22, 2011

Practice Area:Personal Injury


Description:Mr. Griego obtained a judgment in excess of $6 million dollars while representing Mr. Lewison in a personal injury claim. The claim involved an auto accident in Orange County, CA. Mr. Lewison t-boned Mr. Orozco-Garcia when Mr. Orozco-Garcia, an unlicensed driver, made an unsafe left turn at an intersection. As a result of the accident Mr. Lewison suffered lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spinal injuries, resulting in a bi-level spinal fusion. Mr. Lewison also suffered permanent and severe urological and intestinal damage as a result of the accident and treatment. Mr. Griego provided expert testimony that Lewison, a young man at the time of the accident, was limited to working part-time for the remainder of his life and was unable to perform most household services for his family.