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California's best criminal defense attorney!

Posted by: Chai, a Criminal Defense client over 2 years ago.

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Joseph handled my Criminal Defense matter.

I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Words can not explain how lucky I was to have found a criminal attorney as good as Joe Rogoway. A situation led to my fiance, my roommate, and myself facing numerous aggrivated felony charges. Joe was my only hope against these aggrivated felony charges. My immigration status in the US was in jeopardy of Deportation, and whole life and future were now at the mercy of the criminal justice system. Joe was extremely educated and experienced with every one of my felony allegations, spanning from felony cultivation, felony possession with intent to distribute and felony possession of a stolen firearm, along with others. He was sensitive to my situation, and even assisted my co-defendants in finding suitable representation. Joe communicated with my immigration attorneys and very professionally navigated the whole fleet through our legal process. Joe was not only successful in getting me the best possible outcome (which most people didn't believe was possible in my situation), but also played the role of my therapist. Joe always found a way to be there for me and communicated with everyone from my attorneys to my family. Over all I truly believe Joe Rogoway is the BEST criminal defense attorney in CA, was underpaid for everything he did for me, and anyone facing criminal charges would be lucky to retain his services.