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Vijay Dinakar

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Derek

    Got my DV case dismissed, highly recommended!

    Last year, I was charged with a DV case and also other counts of charges. Needless to say, this is very serious to me and my family, especially with the immigration consequence.
    With Vijay's help, the case was dismissed this April.

    Initially, I was really stressed and had no ideas of the legal processes and consequences. I quickly found 2 local lawyers by googling. Both have great reviews from Google/Yelp.
    One seems to be experienced and engaging but was not really interested in my story; after 10 mins of the conversation, the only thing he talked about is the consequence of this charge (which everyone could google to learn) and the amount of money he would charge for the case. I thanked him and talked to another for obvious reasons. The other one is great, she was friendly and listening carefully to me. And she did walk me through some general guidelines, the legal processes of the case, and the possible anger management courses we could take to help the case at that point. Still I had my doubts, so I later posted a question in AVVO.

    Vijay responded promptly; I talked to him through the phone for around 20 minutes-- the first impression of the conversation was great that I knew he is knowledgeable and professional-- he CARED to give you advice, no matter you are retaining him or not.

    I then asked for an appointment. During the meeting, he again carefully listened to my story the 2nd time, although we just went through this from the phone conversation. In fact, I brought my wife with me and he provided brief consultation for her and clarify all questions she had as well. The meeting lasted for over an hour or so. He literally articulated all the details in ways that we could understand, not just legal terms. He then enumerated the possible outcomes of the case, and the strategies he would take at each stage.

    Again he really cared to listen to and explain the details to us-- only after I asked to retain him, he then bring up the topic and his charging is fairly reasonable. I immediately retained him as my attorney after the meeting. Of course, he could not be my wife's advisor, so he recommended another lawyer to stand for my wife.

    During the course of the case, It's a long dragging process, months after months and one court appearance after another. He responsively answered any doubts I have through text, email, or phone calls. Vijay constantly advised me on the case, informed me the development and then explained the strategies against the case. He resolves a case with a methodological way like he stated in our first meeting. He is thorough with all the details and evidence, and that's how I got the case dismissed in the 2nd pretrial.

    I am very thankful to him, my wife and my friends-- they have given me the 2nd chance to move on with my life and I have learned my lessons. I wish Vijay all the best and will highly recommend him to anyone in need!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client


    I am so pleased with my decision to hire Vijay Dinakar! I immediately felt a sense of ease upon entering his office as I was able to comfortably speak with him regarding my domestic violence case.

    In fact, after meeting with him, I felt like he was my warrior all in one and was confident in his ability to fight for me and defend my life.

    I was facing deportation and loss of my job as well as my child and was completely hopeless. However everything changed for the better due to the efforts and persistence of Mr. Dinakar who was able to have my case dismissed!

    He delivered as promised and I absolutely owe him much more than words can ever express.

    Thank you for being an amazing attorney!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lakamsani

    Responsible and Reliable

    How a client evaluate and rate an Attorney for his legal knowledge and professionalism? By seeing the Attorney's office and the superficial things around the office? Only by experiencing the Attorney's commitment and interaction with his clients.
    I have seen and experienced such professionalism in Vijay. He perfectly knows what he is going to do and advise his clients.
    When I first met him, I was really formed a very bad impression about him and even I thought that he was sitting there in his office just to attract the clients and do nothing. But within a couple of face to face interaction with him, I completely changed my perception and started understanding him fully for his commitment towards his clients. Why a client approach an Attorney? ...because of some problem... Vijay never exploited the client either financially or by the usual professional arrogance which is prevalent throughout the legal profession. He was just reasonable in charging the client and I can say that he is a client friendly Attorney. . Wish him all the best for a continued helping hand to the needy clients through his professional excellence and commitment.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ram

    Expert, knowledgable, helpful, responsive. Overall Best lawyer !!!

    I got 2 DUI and hit n run within one month. Extremely concerning situation for me as I am on work visa here and still in queue to get GC. After researching a lot and talking to many lawyers i found Vijay on avvo. Our first meeting itself went way over 2 hour. He provided detailed and thorough answers to a number of questions both legal and practical. I spoke with several other attorneys, all of whom promised the moon and seemed more eager to have me sign the retainer than to answer questions or alleviate concerns.

    On my first court date we figured that my 2 DUIs has very unique situation because of they were in 2 different court although still in same county. Cant give very details of case here but i did talk to many lawyers and couldn’t find a single one who said that he has seen this situation before. Person whose car i hit n run was not ready to talk at all, Vijay shown extreme patient and superb tactics in getting him to not only talk but got him sign the compromise even though it took extending court dates.

    He is -
    VERY Responsive, maximum response time he took in last 6 month while working for my case was just 4 Hours
    VERY reachable through all communication means (email, msg, phone)
    VERY informative, he will on top of your case and you will have all information/happening in your case ahead in time
    EXTREMELY Professional
    VERY Knowledgeable.

    I highly recommend you not drink and drive, like, don't drink anything and drive... but I highly recommend Vijay for anyone not heeding this advice and finding themselves in a situation requiring them to consider whether they should hire a lawyer or not for their DUI. I recommend you hire a lawyer, and hire Vijay, especially if there are any complications in your case. If nothing else, your burden will be lessened and you can rest easy knowing the best outcome was achieved- and best case, you never know.

    I'm looking forward to my next meeting with Vijay in a few years time- meaning we'll be filing to expunge my case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Vijay is a responsible lawyer for any client, even he is not hired

    I have asked several question through email to Vijay, he answered promptly without asking if I wanted to hire him, I have no hesitation to make appointment with him if I want to go further with my case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Careful, professional, friendly and moral! Very highly recommended!!!

    Three months ago, I was in "big trouble"_ as I though, when I got caught at Fry's Electric. I was struggle and really stressed because I still have school and future career, this could be the end for my future, seriously. I called many Attorney's offices and their quotes were out of my range, could not afford. Then I found Lawyer Vijay from this website, his price is very reasonable and his attitude is everything! He is very professional and very knowledge, he listens and identifies the problem and honestly give all the possibilities. He actually did not just work on my case but helped me as well. For a student like me, monthly payment plan is affordable.

    The most impression is when I was so depressed and texted him at 3.30AM in the morning asking about the process, though he would not reply but he did. He really cares of his clients as written from previous reviews. He really made me feel safe and protective. Whichever letters or actions required from the county that I always asked him for correct directions. And he did a very good job!

    And now my record is CLEAN and I have peace of mind. Millions thanks to my Lawyer Vijay. This is my first and my last. Very bad experience but i am happy that I found Vijay.

    Very highly recommended!!!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Best Lawyer for Petty Theft/Shoplifting in Santa Clara County

    I worked with Vijay Dinakar for PC 484/485 petty theft case in Santa Clara County. This is my first misdemeanor and I am extremely shameful and naturally petrified. When I told my husband about this he told me to find a lawyer and take it as a lesson and move forward in life. I just googled and found Vijay and one another high profile criminal lawyer in palo alto area. Met both of them...But immediately after meeting Vijay I wanted to go with him because of the details he cared to discuss with me, he was not judgmental, he cared to listen to my fears and concerns answered very patiently and explained something no other lawyer mentioned before....

    Since I have a graduate degree and good job, he said he would personally discuss with DA of Santa Clara County presenting my resume and stating this will ruin my career and request the DA to give me a diversion program. Considering that I am a 30year old and the price of my theft is $260 I did not think this will be an option.

    Just like Vijay mentioned he was able to convince the DA to enroll me in the diversion program. I just finished my Shoplifting course and completed my 16 hour community service and have my case closed.

    I would recommend Vijay to anyone who is trouble and need a second chance to move forward in their life. He is very informative, talented, patient and very very responsive. I would text him constantly for all the silly questions and he promptly replied very patiently. Most important of all cost of hiring him is much cheaper than other attorneys for this work. I am so glad I was able to work with him and even though this incident leaves a bad memory in my life I am so glad I got a second chance and will make a better use of it. Thank you Vijay!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Excellent DUI Lawyer

    Mr. Dinakar was able to help me get my FELONY DUI case filed as a misdemeanor. ( DUI with "injury"... solo car accident, minor injuries to my passengers only.) I highly recommend him for DUI cases. His initial consultation was excellent, and he made me feel comfortable throughout the process. He clearly explained how the legal proceedings would play out, what my options were, and kept me well informed throughout. I highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Aartika

    Thank you so much for caring!

    I'm H4 visa from India. I was cited for theft. I never did anything wrong in my life. I was so scared and depressed that I didn't know what to do. I found Vijay who saved my life. He was so caring. The case was not filed so my H4 was again approved. Very smart attorney!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tony

    Very great Criminal Defense Lawyer, and did an Excellent job!! Thank you!

    Meeting him for the first time was a great experience. He is very knowledgable and informative and result oriented. He is on point and very understanding. He understood the whole case and got involved with it and immediately started and got to work. Getting into these cases is not good, but if anyone needs help, I would highly recommend Vijay without any hesitations or second thoughts.