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Damian R. Castaneda

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On Yelp, we are:  #1 Most Reviewed in General Litigation, #1 Most Reviewed in Employment Law, and #2 Most Reviewed in Real Estate Law. Check us out:


 With so many lawyers in the marketplace, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Visit our website at www.castanedaco.com to learn more about our firm and meet our team. We also have short videos available to help you understand the process of a lawsuit.

After we filed a lawsuit in October 2007 against Apple™ and AT&T over the iPhone™, we were featured on websites around the world including Businessweek.com, Forbes.com, MSNBC.com, and theUSAToday.com. We have also gone up against Stanford University, Google, Adobe, and Bank of America. Despite these big names, the majority of our clients are ordinary people and small business owners. We like representing the underdog and we like beating the odds—but we also handle simple cases as well.