First of all, Mark lied about his year of practice. At the time I hired him, he received his license only two year, but he told me 4 years. Of course, two years is not enough experience at court, he was so nervous and his hands and voice were shaking when talking to judge; he was so pressured from counterpart, even spoke in favor of the other side at court. I was simply amazed that he could still practice. He dose not deserve the trust from those who are in trouble and seek justice.
Secondly, he was not conscientious. I spoke to him the day before court day, and make sure he will no show up late for the scheduled hearing at 8 AM, but he called in the morning excused with bad traffic and showed up one hour late at 9:00 AM. He decided to request postpone my hearing to the last at 12pm without asking me, unfortunately I was not familiar with court procedure, completely let him in charge. After all, he billed me for his delay and 3 hours waiting.
His practice was unprofessional and dishonest. This was like adding salt on injury.
As a lawyer without sincerity and justice, I wonder how trustworthy Mark's practice can be!
My bad luck and painful experience!