Mr. Brett Johnson is the best attorney anyone could ever hope for. By far, one of the two best attorneys I ever had. Mr. Johnson was meticulous in detail, drawing Venn diagrams and flow charts to explain Workmans' Compensation law and how the current laws effected the major points of my case. Mr. Johnson focused our office visits to making the process of securing medical help, the steps and time frames involved as thorough and complete as I could ever hope possible, advising clear and sensible, as well as practical and viable solutions for seemingly ongoing and difficult issues. Mr. Johnson's grasp and application of Contemporary Disability Law and of the necessaries and protocols required in securing a fair judgment demonstrated his expertise in application. He is outstanding not only as a professional but as a person who "feels" for his client. I wish I could give Mr. Johnson more than five stars as he is certainly far and above, thus, at the top of his profession.