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  1. Cited p488 misdemeanor for petty theft of $34. What can I do?

    Answered 5 months ago.

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    1. At your first court date you will have an opportunity to enter a plea. If you want more time to think about your option you should plea not guilty and ask for more time. Also make time to get a copy of your police report from your clerk's office so you can read everything and have an understanding of how the arresting or citing officer interpreted what happened. 2. If you are like some people, and want to take responsibility and move on with your life, when you are at your arraignment...

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  2. Is my landlord responsible for investigating drug use by my neighbors?

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Nicholas William Mason
    2. Jamie Nichole Harris
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    Your landlord has a duty to not turn a blind eye, yet they are not required to fully get involved. However, if the situation turns violent and you are a victim of a crime due to that neighbor your landlord may be held liable since they were put on notice of a possible hazard. But in regards to whether you have to continue living there for 10 more months arguably you do not. I would suggest first write a detailed letter to the landlord with your concerns and seeing if they will agree to allow...