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Kamala Maddipoti

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  • I am a contractor, did work on a 6-unit condo building, but the work was in the common area - the main lift door to the parking

    structure. The manager that hired me is not paying. I want to place a lien on the property. Normally I place the lien on one APN, a single family residence, typical scenario. But in the case there are 6 APN's, there is no "common" APN per se. So d...

    Kamala’s Answer

    Meanwhile, send some written requests to all involved parties in your case via certified USPS. It will be useful as additional proof. If your claim is for less than $10,000, you can file a case against them in small claims court so that you can save some money on hiring an Attorney.

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  • Is it okay to copy and post existing text/sms/emails with another persons name on it without permission via social media like FB

    The information is different conversations going back and forth proving the "true colors" of that other person who's name will be shown. eg Opportunist/ asking for another woman's phone number when wife was 7 months pregnant/ obscene texts not qu...

    Kamala’s Answer

    Looks like, your question involves more than a defamation point of view. It depends upon the content you intend to show, sometimes it may violate IP rights of a person. Most importantly, It may violate privacy rights of the person and could lead to law suit.

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